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Tuesday Tantalizers is happy to welcome Sue Brown, and her new novel, A TALE TOLD IN DARKNESS.  Sue, please tell us about your new M/M vampire erotica tale.

Cal loves to snuggle up in bed with his partner, Lee, and listen to a tale told in the darkness. His favourite story is about the vampire, Lord Oliver Brook, a lone vampire in London, who uses humans for sex and food.

When Michael Benton moves in next door, Brook's world takes an unexpected turn. Young, blond and gorgeous, Michael doesn't discourage his attentions, but he makes it plain he doesn't want to become a vampire.

Against his own nature, Brook takes their relationship slowly. Then Michael disappears and Brook discovers he's not been the only one pursuing the young human. Will he find Michael before he's lost forever?

Shivery! Give us an excerpt.

“Tell me a story, Lee,” Cal whispers in my ear, his warm breath ghosting across my skin, making me shiver.

“Another one?”

“It’s been days,” he protests as he settles behind me, a warm heavy weight against my chilled body.

“Twenty-four hours.” I press back into him, feeling his chest hair tickle my back. We’re both wearing pyjama bottoms, our concession to staying at his parents’ house, and I mourn the familiar loss of Cal’s prick, nestling against my arse. It’s there, muffled in the plaid fabric. I laugh at myself for missing his dick.

“I need a present for being so patient with my dad,” he says. Cal puts his arm around me and I hug it immediately, placing his hand over my heart, covering the tattoo we got on our tenth anniversary together.

“You have been a good boy.” I lower my voice, making it as sultry as I can.

He shivers and I smile. Cal is very predictable.

“Very Kathleen,” he says hoarsely. Cal is a Kathleen Turner fan and nothing turns him on more than a low, gravelly voice.

“Do you want a story about a vampire, a werewolf or a dragon?” I ask.

There’s silence in the darkness as Cal considers. “A vampire. A big, bad vampire.” And before I can speak, he says, “And if you make ‘em sparkly….”

I snort. “I know, I know.”

I parse through my collection of stories. You’d think after twelve years I’d have run out of tales to tell, but if I’ve repeated myself, Cal never complains.

“I want Oliver and Michael’s story,” he says.

“I told you that one last week. And the week before that.”

“Please.” Cal waits patiently, occasionally pressing a kiss against the back of my neck in
encouragement. Sometimes I make him wait longer than necessary to get another kiss.

“Once upon a time—”

“Does this have a happy ending?”

I frown at being interrupted. Once I’ve started a story, Cal is usually rapt until I say 'the end'.

“You know the story.”

“It has to have a happy ending, Lee,” he insists.

I turn in his arms. “Babe?” I stroke his cheek. “Are you all right?” Cal is silent. Alarm bells start to ring in my head. “Cal, talk to me.”

“I will,” he says, and his voice is thick with tears. “But tell me the story first.”

“With a happy ending?”

“The happiest.”

I roll over onto my back and settle Cal so his head is resting on my chest. I think, I’m not sure though, that I can feel wetness from his eyes. I cough to clear my throat. “Once upon a time, a vampire lived a long, long death.”

Cal interrupts again. “A big, bad vampire.”

“Are you telling this story or am I?”

“You are.” Cal sighs, snuggling in close until he’s virtually lying on top of me.

“As I said, the big, bad vampire lived a long, long death. He was the worst kind of vampire, drinking the blood of his lovers until they were drained dry, empty husks to be discarded. Occasionally he turned a young man or woman, making them just like him, soulless monsters who roamed the world.”

Cal raises his head. “He was bisexual?” He doesn’t sound impressed. I grin at his tone.

“You know he was but don’t worry, I’m not going to make you listen to het sex.”

“Good,” he grumbles and settles back down on my chest. “I don’t want to listen to squelchy.”

“Girls don’t have nits, you know? Some of them are really hot.” I am bisexual, a fact Cal repeatedly tries to deny.

“Back to the story, and no pussy.”

“If you interrupt again, you’ll get long descriptions of het sex.”

“I promise to shut up,” he says.

“Where was I?”

“He was making more boy vampires.”

“And loved going down on beautiful women. Ouch!” I yelp as he pinches my hip. “You interrupted.”

“Don’t ask a bloody question, then.” Cal kisses the abused skin. “I need this story.”

He sounds so desperate I stop teasing him. “The vampire’s name was Brook. Lord Oliver Brook to be precise.”

“That’s a—” I hear Cal’s teeth snap together as he shuts up.

“Better. Lord Oliver had been a minor lord from the Regency era, but now he was just Brook.”

Great teaser. We don't want to miss this one! Where can we buy A TALE TOLD IN DARKNESS?

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Give us more about Sue Brown.

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn't following their orders, she can
be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot and has got expert at ignoring the orders. Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favourite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she's made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

Sue can be found at her website, her blog, Twitter and her Facebook

Sue, thanks for appearing here today. 

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As always, happy hot and sexy reading!


Yvette said...

I love a sexy vampire story! Can't wait to read the book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

This sounds like it will be a brilliant read - I have such a soft spot for vampire tales that started many, many years ago when I was 11. And as an adult I simply can't get enought of the inherent eroticism of them (which my mother is so thankful I didn't pick up on in my younger days!).

So I am very much looking forward to reading something new from you, and to reading a twist on a trope I love.

Best of luck with the release!

Hazel (@hazelbird on twitter)