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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to have Tiffinie Helmer guesting here today on SOME LIKE IT HOTTER.

Tiffinie writes about Alaska, Alaskan men -- and the women whose lives are changed by getting involved with these hunky northern guys.  Best of all, Tiffinie specializes in making the reader smile because no matter how big and tough her heroes are, or how lost in the ways of Alaska her heroines are, or how meddling her moose are -- her characters are always so endearing!  Tiffinie's books include WILD MEN OF ALASKA: FOUR BOOK BUNDLE, consisting of IMPACT, MOOSED UP, DREAMWEAVER, and BEARING ALL, or you can buy each title separately. 

Here is Tiffinie introducing BEARING ALL:

All he wants is her... 
Former Russian spy, Sergei Lavinsky, code name The Bear, is hibernating on the edge of Alaska. He lures the woman he loves to the Edge of Reason Lodge, hoping enough time has passed that her heart has softened and her knives have dulled.

All she wants is revenge...
Kate "No Mercy" Mercer is a CIA Agent sent to assassinate him. Again. This time she intends to succeed without ending up in his bed. She has a dozen reasons to kill him, and one of them is personal.

They'll be completely stripped bare before the night is over...

Here's a tantalizer for BEARING ALL:

“Sergei,” she greeted, her voice as cold as the sea foam lapping the shore, icing over.
“Come to kill me again?”  He arched a brow. 
Why didn’t he seem concerned?  She had a gun trained on him, and he didn’t even seem surprised to see her.  It had been two years since he’d turned her life upside down.  Two years of planning, of living with regret, and being fueled with the promise of vengeance.
He took a step toward her. 
“Stop right there.”  She raised the gun a little higher, not realizing she’d lowered it a tad.  He had however, if the lift of his lips was any indication. 
“You don’t vant to shoot me.”  He purred the words and continued his slow cat-like stroll. 
She shot off the 9mm toward the empty beach and swung the weapon back to aim at him.  The sound echoed over the waters like ice calving off a glacier.  Sergei froze.  Good, the man needed to take her seriously.  She was deadly serious and she wasn’t leaving until he was good and dead.
He said her name in that sexy, dark Russian accent of his, reminding her of how he’d trailed his lips over her, whispering her name during the midnight hours as his hard, powerful body made love to hers.  No, fucked hers.  There had been no love between them.  She tried to crush the memories of the night that seemed carved into her consciousness.  Now was not the time for thoughts like this.  They’d just distract her from her mission.
“You know that I’m sanctioned,” he said.
“The United States Government might have pardoned you, but I haven’t.  There are still crimes you must pay, deaths that must be avenged.”
“And you’ve set yourself up as my executioner?”
“Gone rogue, have you?”
“Isn’t that what you tried to get me to do?”
“Yes.”  His dark eyes traveled down her white snowsuit.  She doubted he could tell anything different about her by the way she was bundled up.  So bundled up to protect herself from the harsh elements she’d failed to take in account that seeing him, talking with him, would have her sweating in the get up.  She envied him his casual clothes, with the cold breeze ruffling his half-opened shirt.  She could see the definitions of his pectoral muscles, the soft sprinkling of chest hair that she remembered nuzzling her cheek against after experiencing the most intense climax of her life within his protective embrace. 
“Rogue looks good on you.”
“Shut up.” 
“Kill me, then.  You’ve come a long vay to do it.”  He spread his arms out to encompass the imposing terrain. 
Kate squeezed the trigger.

Hot to read more of Tiffinie's writing? Buy BEARING ALL here:

Been teased enough and need more about Tiffinie? 

Tiffinie Helmer is an award-winning author who is always up for a gripping adventure. Raised in Alaska, she was dragged "Outside" by her husband, but escapes the lower forty-eight to spend her summers commercial fishing on the Bering Sea.
A wife and mother of four, Tiffinie divides her time between enjoying her family, throwing her acclaimed pottery, and writing of flawed characters in unique and severe situations.
Tiffinie loves to hear from readers.

Learn more about Tiffinie Helmer and her writing here:

Happy hot and sexy reading!


Sandy L. Rowland said...

Smoking excerpt! Love Tiffinie's style. Sexy fun! This is the perfect venue for you.

Clancy said...

I love and read everything Tiffinie Helmer writes. Great characters, action and humor.

Sandy said...

I have to say, I love this author. I bought Bearing all when if first came out, but was reading something else. Stupid mistake because yesterday, I was looking for something to read that would grab me and carry me away. And I should have known Tiffinie would do it. I even read it while doing the dreaded elliptical and barely noticed I was exercising, too engrossed in the story until my 45 minutes were up. Can't wait to finish it now.

stanalei said...

Great tantalizer, Tiff. This story is queued up and just moved up on the TBR list!

Tiffinie Helmer said...

Wow, you guys! Thank you so much for all the kind and glowing words. Sandy, reading Bearing All is a workout (those two are tough on each other) let alone working out while reading it. Gold star for you!
Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Happy reading!