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Today on Tuesday Tantalizers, we have something a little different than romance. One of Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books' authors puts an erotic twist on science fiction for its new line of erotica for men, The Man Cave. We're excited to welcome Alex B. Westphal, author of Mindslide. Let's practice our voyeuristic skills and listen in while Alex is talking with Nancy Rouleau, a secondary (sorry, Nancy!) character from MindSlidehis erotic science fiction thriller novella.

 Hi, Nancy. Glad you can be here.
Nancy: My pleasure!

 You feel your experience as a secondary character in this book is different. How so?
Nancy: I guess in any other story, I’d probably have a different opinion. But for MindSlide, with all the mind-switching that goes on, it’s hard to say who’s the main character and who are the secondary characters, you know? Most of the third act is on me, and that was fun. But of course, I’m not me then. I’m the main character, Kristin, who’s in my body. I remember reading the first draft and thinking, wow, this is so confusing. Now talking about it is just as confusing! So to answer your question, it was lots of fun being a secondary character in this kind of story.

 Why did you choose your current profession?
Nancy: I love problem solving, and I love science. It just seemed natural to become a scientist and go into research. And when I was younger, it seemed like something I really should do. It’s such a male-dominated field, you know? I mean, it’s getting better. I love looking at things others haven’t figured out yet, and then working out the problems. Which is probably why my character is so nosy and doesn’t mind her own business in the story.

 If you could work in any profession outside of what you’re doing now, what would it be and why?
Nancy: Oh, wow. Sex therapist? Seriously, how does my character put poor Kristin through all the things she does early in the story? I must have researched those things, right? I’m not the kind of person to go into something blindly. The story doesn’t really spell it out, but come on, I’m a scientist, a thinker. So I must’ve researched sexual activities, then gone out into the field for, you know, hands-on research. So I’d say that proves I have a knack for sex research, so why not sex therapist?

 Did you do your own stunts in MindSlide?
Nancy: Oh, my god. There were no “stunts” per se, just the sex, and yes, that’s me all right. No body doubles. It was nerve wracking. (laughs) The author tried his best to keep the room as clear as possible when any of the sex scenes were drafted, but I was still nervous. I know I was supposed to be this plain Jane in the story, so I shouldn’t worry about my looks, and that’s sort of the point of MindSlide anyway, right? But still, gosh, being naked with a stranger… All I could think of was, “I have no hips!” And Kristin! Wow. I know she’s supposed to be uncomfortable with her looks in the story too, but wow, what a body that woman has.

 What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but just didn’t have the courage or strength to follow through with?
Nancy: Talking to a guy, you know, let him know I’m interested in him and would like to see if we have any chemistry. I’ve done it on occasion, but the number of times I’ve let an opportunity slip through my fingers… I find it hard to be attractive. It’s more than just makeup and clothes, right? It’s those subtle nuances, the looks, the smiles, the appearing relaxed when you’re nervous as anything. I guess this is what gets me in trouble in the story. If I had possessed the courage in the first place, we wouldn’t have a story then, would we? (laughs)

 How do you overcome life’s obstacles?
Nancy: Thinking things through. Distance yourself, keep emotions out of it, and work it out. Now, something about this process breaks down for me in the story. What I put Kristin through is intense. So I think somewhere along the line, deep feelings cloud my otherwise logical mind, and we get the story we have. Wow, would this have been a better answer to your previous question? (laughs)

 If you could change one thing that the author wrote (or told) about your life, what would it be?
Nancy: I think I come across too detached from my emotions. Some of the things I do in the story, well, I don’t think a person could easily do those things. But I’m a secondary character, and the story is all Kristin’s POV, so the reader doesn’t get deep into my thoughts. I guess I’d like a little more insight into my thoughts put into the story, make me a bit more sympathetic.

 Are you the villain of the story?
Nancy: No. Wait, what? No! Sure, I’m an antagonist. I get in Kristin’s way, preventing her from achieving her goal. I even set her back once or twice. But the villain? I didn’t see myself as that.

 Any other upcoming projects you’re in that you’d like to tell us about? Maybe a sequel to MindSlide?
Nancy: I haven’t heard anything about a sequel to MindSlide, but you never know… I’ve completed a new role in another sci-fi story. It’s a futuristic adventure. The main draft is finished, but there are lots of special effects to be done. It’s a smaller role. I play a henchwoman to a space captain, but you never see me on a spaceship. Go figure.

 Thank you for taking time out to talk to us!
Nancy: Thank you for asking! This was fun!

That was fun! How about a short teaser from Mindslide, Alex?

Kristin-Marlene headed for a restroom. Inside, she moistened some towels, went into a stall and cleaned herself off as much as she could for doing it this quickly. She splashed some water by accident on her skirt, but at this point, it was the smallest thing which went wrong today. The spots would dry in minutes.

On the walk back, Kristin-Marlene rehearsed in her head her response to anyone who approached her. Sorry, I’m being paged. Crisis in the lab. As she flashed her security badge at the lab door, she wanted to cry. Now, no one approached her. Why couldn’t her entire foray out of the lab this morning go like this?

She stepped through the second doorway into the inner area, where Marlene-Kristin paced.

“ I was beginning to worry,” Marlene-Kristin said. “You were the one anxious to get back here thirty minutes ago.”

Thirty? She was gone for thirty minutes? She checked the time on one of the computer monitors. Ten-fifty-seven.

Marlene-Kristin put her hands on Kristin-Marlene’s shoulders. “But you’re alright, right?”

Kristin-Marlene nodded.

Marlene-Kristin grabbed her electronic tablet. “Well, the mind-switch lasted this long with no side effects. We could keep it going.”

“ No. Let’s switch back.”

“ Right. It’s best if we sit down, just to play it safe. First, we wire up again.”

They took off their blouses. Kristin-Marlene couldn’t attach the sticky electrodes fast enough. She wanted this to be over.

Something tugged between her legs. She froze. Hadn’t she cleaned the panties good enough? Marlene would notice. Maybe not now, but when she undressed tonight. Was this how Kristin wanted her to find out? Kristin would stew all night, wondering if Marlene discovered what Kristin-Marlene did, or she could tell her now. No, best to wait until the mind-switch back was completed.

Wired up again, they sat down and put on the headgear. Marlene-Kristin smiled reassuringly. “It’ll all be over in a moment.”

Marlene-Kristin tapped at the tablet and Kristin-Marlene felt the dizziness come on again. She fought to keep her eyes open, but the room spun too much. She closed her eyes tight.

When she reopened them, Marlene stood yanking wires and electrodes off herself. Kristin tried to take a deep breath, but her chest felt constricted. She removed the wires and dressed.

“ That was definitely a success,” Marlene said, beaming. She tapped on her tablet some more while she briskly strode toward her desk, but she stopped halfway and looked down her front. Her right hand ran along her thigh and abdomen. She turned to Kristin and chuckled, but her eyes showed no happiness. “My pantyhose feels crooked.”

The room spun again, but this time quantum entanglement wasn’t to blame. Kristin fought to keep her mouth from drying. The two women stared at each, and the brief moment dragged for Kristin. “I ran into Louis.”

“ That’s not—” Marlene’s words died out. Her first horror—the secret she and Louis shared—etched a look of horror across her face. It took her only a couple of seconds to work out the next part. “No—”

“ I didn’t know what to do,” Kristin blurted, tears welling in her eyes. “It all happened so fast. I didn’t have any idea the two of you—I couldn’t get away. He secluded us in a mainframe room. He was all over me.”

“ You should’ve just told him no,” Marlene snarled, her face livid.

“ But he didn’t know he was with me. He thought I was you. What would he think if you turned him down abruptly?”

“ How could you?” Marlene pleaded. Emotional pain twisted her mouth.

“ I told you we shouldn’t leave the lab. I told you we shouldn’t split up. You wouldn’t listen!”

“ So, it’s my fault that you…did it with Louis?”

“ I’m so sorry,” Kristin whimpered.

“ Get out.”

“ What?”

“ Get out. Leave. You’re off the team. As lead, that’s my prerogative. Get out.”

Kristin stared, bewildered. “Where do I go?”

“ I don’t give a fuck. Go to the cafeteria. Go to the restroom. Go home for the rest of the day. Just go. You’re no longer part of this research.” Marlene shuddered with a sob as she picked up a phone. “I’m calling administration, telling them we had a disagreement, and you’re off the project effective immediately.”

Kristin wiped tears away from her mouth and cheeks, retrieved her purse and jacket from her locker and staggered into the hallway.

Alex, I loved this interview and the excerpt! Talking with Nancy was a great way to introduce your book and its plot and characters, and we thank you so much for bringing her along. Tell us, where can we purchase your hot sci-fi novel, Mindslide?

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And now that you have us hooked on Mindslide, we'd like to know more about you. Where can we find Alex B. Westphal?

Alex B. Westphal lives in the Midwest and enjoys writing science fiction stories where the science is well thought out and doesn't violate too many of the rules as we know them currently. His first novella is MindSlide (Whiskey Creek Press LLC/Torrid Books, 2013). He is hard at work on a new erotic science fiction novel, a sexy adventure-romance where everything the heroine believes to be true is gradually revealed to be something else, from the man she's fallen for to her entire existence. And the mystery and tension don't put a damper on their sex, but the guys with the stun guns might! Visit his website at, follow me Twitter at @AlexBWestphal, and he has a brand-new Facebook page.

Readers, thanks for being here to make Alex and Nancy feel at home here on Some Like It Hotter. As always, happy hot and sexy reading!


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