Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Here's the schedule for Christi and TAKE A CHANCE ON LOVE for May, 2013 and early June, 2013

5/2/2013 Ella Jade's blog
5/2/2013 Jamallah Bergman's blog

5/4/2013 Doing research at the Metaphysical Fair at White Mountain Library in Rock Springs

5/2/2013 - 5-6-2013 Some Like It Hotter for the Cowboys and Lawmen Blog Hop

5/6/2013 TBR The Blog

5/6/2013 - 5/12/2013 Some Like it Hotter for the Caliente Blog Hop by Four Seduced Muses

5/15/2013 Virginia Nelson blog

5/16/2013 Raine Delight blog

6/7/2013 - 6/9/2013 Wyoming Writers Conference in Laramie

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