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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to welcome Tracey Smith with some intriguing bits of her romantic suspense novel, Cedar Hollow

How about a description of Cedar Hollow, Tracey?

Cassidy St. Claire still wasn't sure what she'd been hoping to find when she began the search for her birth parents, but all she’d uncovered was a bunch of death certificates and one ailing great-uncle who’d finally kicked the bucket last week. Since Cassidy is the last surviving member of the family that means his estate, a small seaside bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, has been left to her. An odd stipulation in his Will requires that she appear in person to inherit the property. Cassidy isn't very hopeful that this weekend trip will lead to anything more than a momentary distraction from her busy life, and an excuse to take her convertible for a long drive up the coast.

She certainly isn't prepared for Mr. Tall Handsome and Brooding; Ben Riley has been running the bed and breakfast for the last several years, and he is definitely less than welcoming. His instant dislike for her is staggering, but his penetrating green eyes burn with a dangerous mixture of hostility and attraction.

Within days of her arrival an attempt is made on her life and then another. Suddenly Cassidy finds herself trying to unravel the mysteries of the past, while outrunning the dangers of the present and finally turning to the strong, protective arms of Ben Riley and a future she'd never imagined.

Could you give us a chapter or so of Cedar Hollow to whet our appetites?

Chapter One

She drove up I-95 with the top down. The wind whipped through her long blonde hair and she enjoyed the feel of having it loose, rather than pulled tight. Her scalp thanked her for the reprieve. It was a perfect summer day, with the warm sun shining down on her pale skin. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d taken the time to enjoy the feel of the sunshine, too many hours spent indoors.

This was why she’d chosen to drive up the east coast rather than fly. In the two years since she’d bought her Miata coupe convertible she’d yet to take it for a drive with the top down. It was about time. She needed this. She needed a break.

As she listened to Mick Jagger sing about how you can’t always get what you want, the familiar ping of her cell phone interrupted the radio. The irony was not lost on her. She pressed a button on the console.

“Cassidy St. Claire.” She answered.

“Ms. St. Claire, its Roger. I’m so sorry to bother you on your vacation.”

“I don’t take vacations, Roger.”

“Of course, Ma’am. Well nevertheless I wouldn’t be bothering you unless it was of the utmost urgency.”

“Get to the point, Roger.” Cassidy smiled to herself, everything was of the utmost urgency to Roger.

“It’s Mr. Belfour, Ma’am. He’s trying to back out of the deal.” Poor Roger sounded as if he was at his wits end.

“Has he told you this?” Cassidy questioned calmly.

“Well no, Ma’am, not in so many words. But Carl Jenkins from accounting was at the Tavern Golf Club having dinner last night and Mr. Belfour was there as well. Carl overheard him talking about how he was regretting his decision to sell the hotel, and that perhaps he might hold onto it a little longer until his grandson was old enough to take over. Then this morning Mr. Belfour called requesting a meeting with you. I’m not sure what to do, Ma’am.”

“Set the meeting.”Cassidy instructed matter-of-factly.

“But, Ma’am, aren’t you on your way to New Hampshire?”

“I am.” Cassidy confirmed. “Set the meeting with Mr. Belfour for tomorrow morning at the Grand Highlander, private dining room. Full spread breakfast buffet, mimosas, full staff on hand. I want Mr. Belfour waited on hand and foot, five star treatment. Have Rebecca Gardner meet him, then deliver a message to Rebecca that I’m running late and that I insist they start breakfast without me. Once Mr. Belfour has had his breakfast and has enjoyed the royal treatment deliver another message that I’ve been held up and must reschedule our meeting. That should buy enough time until I get back.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’ll call Ms. Gardner and let her know right away.”The relief in Roger’s voice was evident. 

The poor boy had way too much anxiety for someone so young, but Cassidy still felt confident in her choice to bring him on as an intern. His knack for picking up gossip was unprecedented and in the business world reliable gossip was as good as gold.

“Good work, Roger, I’ll see you.”

“Enjoy your weekend, Ms. St. Claire.”

Cassidy clicked off and once again the music flowed through the car speakers, this time it was the Eagles living it up at the Hotel California. She loved the classics. Cassidy turned it up and sang along as she sped along the highway. It wasn’t long before her phone pinged again.

“Cassidy St. Claire.”

“Cassi, are you seriously going to make me have breakfast with Mr. Can’t-keep-my-hands-to-myself!” Rebecca was not happy with her.

“Becca, he’s an important client. We need that property for the new resort. It’s just breakfast.”

“I swear if he tries to grab my ass one more time…”

“You’ll tactfully avoid it like you always do.” Cassidy finished the statement for her.

“He’s a perverted old man!”

“Who owns a prime piece of real estate.” Cassidy reminded her.

“I know, I know. What’s the deal with the old goat? Why are we doing the whole wine and dine routine again, I thought this one was in the bag.”

“It’s never in the bag until the contract is signed. Mr. Belfour just needs a little reminder of what the good life will be like once he has all that money in his pocket and isn’t being weighed down by a failing hotel. And who better to remind him than an attractive young woman who has a nice ass.” Cassidy laughed.

“Easy to say when it’s not your ass.” Rebecca mumbled.

“I just need you to stall him until I get back. I’ll seal the deal and we can be done with Mr. Grabby-hands.”

“Thank God! So you really think you’ll be able to wrap this up by?” Rebecca asked, switching topics.

“I don’t see why not. I’m not really sure why the executor insisted that I sign the documents in person, but I am curious to take a look at this bed and breakfast. Who knows, it might be a prime spot. But if it’s not worthwhile then I’ll just arrange for the sale of the property and be done with this whole mess.”

Cassidy wasn’t really hopeful that this would lead to anything other than a weekend distraction and a chance to take her Miata for a long drive. She was already regretting her decision to try to find her biological family. She wasn’t really sure what she’d been looking for when she started the search for her birth parents, but all it led to were a bunch of death certificates and one ailing great uncle, who finally kicked the bucket last week.
Since Cassidy was apparently the only other surviving member of the family that meant his estate went to her. He was by no means wealthy, but he had been the owner of a small seaside bed and breakfast, which now apparently belonged to her.

“Do you think you have any other family up there?”

“No. If there was any other family the inheritance wouldn’t be going to me.”

“Oh, I guess that’s true. Well try to relax a little, have some fun. You know, do whatever they do in New Hampshire.”

“Thanks, Becca, see you Monday.”

Cassidy clicked off and once again music flooded the car. This time Carly Simon was wrongfully accusing her of being vain, which was ridiculous because in fact she didn’t think the song was about her at all.

She finally pulled into Cedar Hollow just as the sun was setting. It was a picturesque little New England town, with small shops lining a main street that looked like it belonged in another time. Cassidy traveled down the narrow road, noting that most of the shops were closing with the setting sun. Upon closer inspection she realized that the shops were not touristy gift shops, but rather functional businesses. The downtown strip consisted of a hardware store, grocery, pharmacy, post office and beauty salon. All of which apparently closed at sundown. This little town definitely could not support the tourism that one of her resorts attracted, she thought to herself as she slipped into acquisitions mode.

She pulled into a small corner diner, one of the few establishments staying open, and as she raised the roof of her convertible she couldn’t help but notice the customers inside with their faces plastered to the plate glass window. She wasn’t sure if they were staring at her or the car.

She stepped out of the car and self-consciously stretched out her sore muscles, it had been a long seventeen hour drive up from Chicago. As she walked into the diner some of the customers had the decency to look away, some did not. She used the rubber band that was around her wrist to pull her hair up into a pony tail then twisted it into a messy bun.

“Welcome to Jenny’s, Miss. Go ahead and grab yourself a booth.” The plump, middle-aged waitress behind the counter gestured to the booths along the window.

Cassidy nodded and seated herself in the first booth, squirming a little on the hard wooden bench seat. She couldn’t wait to slip into a warm bath and relax.

“You’re not from around here.” A younger waitress observed as she came over to the table and smiled down at Cassidy.

“No I’m not.” Cassidy confirmed, apparently they didn’t see too many new faces in this small town.

“I’m Melissa.” The waitress told her smiling kindly. Melissa’s pale blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail which gave her a youthful appearance that was only betrayed by the crinkles around her eyes when she smiled. Cassidy estimated her to be in her mid-thirties.

“Cassidy St. Claire.”

“Oh I heard about you, you’re here to shut down the old Miller place.” Several customers turned in their seats to listen, not so discreetly.

“Well, um, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it yet.” Cassidy said honestly. “I only just found out about it last week.”

“Belongs to Ben Riley.” A crackly old voice rose above the crowd and Cassidy turned to see where it had come from.

A grisly old man sat at the counter, his long grey hair and beard forming a wiry halo around his heavily lined face. “Old Man Miller hasn’t run that place in years. It’s Ben Riley who’s been putting his sweat and tears into that place. He’s the one who you’re going to be putting out when you close it down.” The old man continued looking at Cassidy with cold milky eyes.

“I’m not here to put anybody out.” Cassidy assured the room, because at this point every eye in the restaurant was on her.

“Leave the girl alone, Arlis.” The older waitress reprimanded, but she eyed Cassidy warily.

“Don’t mind them.” Melissa whispered. “Can I get you something?” She asked taking out her order pad.

“What’s good?” Cassidy asked looking over the hand-written menu.

“The turkey and gravy is tonight’s special.” Melissa shrugged.

“Sounds good, I’ll have that.” Cassidy agreed.

As soon as Melissa left the table Cassidy pulled out her phone to check her email. She could feel the other patrons watching her every move, but she kept her eyes locked on the screen until Melissa had returned with the food.

Cassidy ate quickly, more eager than ever to just get this weekend over with and get out of this creepy little town. After she finished, Melissa gave her directions to the bed and breakfast. She headed out of town with her mind made up, tonight she would stay at the bed and breakfast, then tomorrow morning she would meet with Mr. Woodard, the executor of the will, to sign whatever papers were required to acquire and then sell the property. Then she was going to get the hell out of dodge.

Cassidy followed the directions out of the valley where Cedar Hollow was located and traveled up a narrow mountain road. The gravel road eventually turned into a single lane dirt road. There were no street lights, no city lights, no houses on this lonely little road. The woods around her were so tightly packed she began to feel claustrophobic. She felt completely isolated and it was creeping her out.

Finally she reached the end of the road and a large dark three story Victorian-style house loomed in front of her. It was too dark to see anything other than the imposing outline of the structure, complete with turrets and spires. It looked like a haunted house. She pulled up shining her headlights across the wide front porch. A single dingy yellow porch light had been left on, otherwise she was surrounded by complete darkness. As she stepped out of the car she could faintly hear the ocean surf off to the right in the distance, but it was too dark to see anything beyond the glow of her headlights.

Slowly she made her way up to the front of the house, feeling like an intruder. This was not the welcoming hotel atmosphere that she was used to. This was dark, and private, and creepy. She walked up the creaky steps and something rustled in the bushes next to the porch making her jump and hurry the rest of the way to the front door. Hesitantly she knocked.

She stood on the threshold trying not to feel like the first victim in a B-rated horror movie. She heard heavy footsteps inside and her breathing accelerated as she watched the handle slowly turn. She had no idea what was going to greet her on the other side of that door.

The Chosen One watched as the sleek black convertible pulled up to the house. The time of reckoning had come. It was finally going to be over. It must be done.

Chapter Two

“You must be Ben Riley.” Cassidy said brightly trying to hide her shock. Her imagination had conjured the image of a crusty old loner living in this haunted house on a hill. She had not been prepared for Mr. Tall, Handsome, and Brooding. He glared back at her for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was probably only a few seconds.....

Spooky! Bet there's going to be a lot more interaction between Cassidy and Ben. Please tell us a little bit about Tracey Smith.

I grew up in Southern California, but as a teenager moved with my family to a small town in Arkansas. It was there that I met my husband, who had also recently moved to the state. Fate brought us both to that same small town and into each other’s lives and it is where we remain today raising our two children and living out our happily ever after. As you can probably tell I’m a hopeless romantic.

I began my writing career in 2009 with the publication of my first novel Love’s Fate, which quickly grew into a romantic series. Since that first day that I sat down to write I haven’t been able to stop. Writing is my passion and has become a necessary part of my life. Sometimes there are stories that just beg to be told.

And how about some links?
Cedar Hollow Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COOQKYK

Thanks for being with us here on Tuesday Tantalizers, Tracey. Readers, as always, happy hot and sexy reading.

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Tuesday Tantalizers is happy to welcome author of erotic cowboy romance Stony Creek Hero, Taylor Berke. Taylor, tell us a bit about yourself.

My career as a writer was one that was born out of my tendency to daydream.  Since I was a child, I used to have incredible dreams that were similar to the detail found in the old MGM movies. Now as an adult, those dreams have morphed into loving erotic stories that I would swear lower my anxiety level when things get to be too tumultuous. During the day, I have a full time job fraught with too much responsibility. Compound that with my beautiful family, managing the business, large dogs and an unruly home. You easily can see why I like to drift off into the creative recesses of my mind that tend to house a more erotic and romantic tone. It is there that men, who act like men, run rampant and usually in very little clothing!  My imagination provides me and hopefully some wonderful readers love, smiles, stress relief and happily ever afters. I was blessed with the amazing gift of my husband, who is the foundation of most of my hunky heroes in the stories that I dream up. If, as the reader, you are searching for suspense, drama or tension between the hero and heroine, please turn on the TV or read the paper. My stories are filled with love, physicality and passion. Mix in some humor and a happily ever after and you have my recipe of a heavenly retreat from the everyday stress.  I hope you enjoy the stories and feel free to contact me on my facebook page or website,http://taylorberke.com/. I love to hear from fellow readers and wish love and happiness to you all.

It is a conundrum that the harder our fantasy men and women romp, the more relaxed we as readers and writers become. Please tell us a bit about Stony Creek Hero.

The feisty, fiercely independent Lizzie Carmichael never had any men that she could rely on.  As the sole owner of The Stony Creek CafĂ©, she finds herself in a desperate situation where she stands to lose either her honor or everything that she has ever worked for.

Known as the tough, quiet brother, Benjamin Powell adores women but strives to keep them at arm’s length, never risking his heart.  When he finds that the only woman who ever inspired him to dream is in trouble, he makes a choice that could change both their lives, forever.

Lurking in the shadows of Stony Creek, there is a dangerous menace that will stop at nothing to get what it wants, no matter what the costs.
As Ben and Lizzie start to explore the secret delights that they finally find in each other, can Ben protect Lizzie from the threats that try to tear them apart?

Sounds like our kind of novel! How about an excerpt?

“You are certainly in all a flutter this afternoon, Ms. Carmichael.”  Maddy drawled out in good humor to her friend.  Billie’s appetite had returned today, with enthusiasm, if the sheer number or plates in front of her were any indication.  Lizzie and Mimi had set out plates of sausages, pancakes, fresh fruit and oatmeal for the ravenous new mommy. 

“Careful Maddy or Billie might bite off your fingers if they get any syrup on them!”  Mimi laughed out in warning.

“Hey!”  Billie mumbled with her mouth full.

“Let her eat whatever she wants.  She is going to bring us a beautiful, sweet little baby soon!”  Lizzie cooed at Billie’s completely flat stomach.

“Oh yeah.  Um, Vera!  You win the bet.”  Mimi called to the kitchen.
Vera strolled out into the dining room and looked Lizzie up and down with a knowing smirk on her face.

“What bet?  What is so funny you two?”  Lizzie asked now wary of her two dear friends.

“Well, you were late this morning and now you are practically giving a stellar performance of the Swan Lake ballet, so I bet Mimi that you got more than a roof raising last night.  In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that hitch in your walk has nothing to do with the twisted ankle story you made up at all.  Whatcha ladies think?  Am I right?”  Vera crowed out to the ladies eating.

Lizzie was turning something like fifty shades of red now at Vera’s declaration that had those new men smiling indulgently.  She was going to secretly plot out how to shove a cork in her mouth and up her butt.

“Amen sister.”  Beth called from the doorway as she came in with all three of her brothers, Gabe, Preston and Joe.

Lizzie swung around to the traitor, “Beth!”

“What?  When she is right, she is right.  I’ll have a cheese omelet please.”  Beth laughed out, trying to ignore Lizzie’s indignation.

Gabe and Preston sauntered over to Lizzie, each draping a meaty arm over her shoulders in comfort.  Gabe leaned down and whispered in her ear, “We believe you Lizzie baby.  Let us comfort you from that big bad old Vera.”  Preston just looked at her with a very naughty grin reinforcing his brother’s opinion. 

Now that Ben had her, the Preston’s were expressing interest?  What was it with Ben anyway?  Was he an aphrodisiac to both the male and female populace?  Sheesh!  Even though these two men and their brother Joe were delicious specimens of male flesh, there was only one man who made her melt.  Unfortunately, he chose that very moment to come through her doors.

Ben was scaring the customers who knew him with the huge smile on his face as he saw Lizzie.  The air in the room became heavy as everyone was afraid that he had lost his mind because he was never known to smile.  The world began to make sense again when he suddenly looked deadly calm and mad.  Really mad. 

“She is not your baby and both of you Orangutans had better get your hands off my woman in two seconds or they will be sent to the organ donation program.”  Ben said in a loud and menacing manner. 

Both the Saunders brothers started to laugh heartedly as they removed their arms from Lizzie but not before Joe snuck in and planted a sweet kiss on Lizzie’s unsuspecting cheek.

“That was because you are beautiful today Lizzie and I love to rile up the other wild animals.”  Joe proudly stated for all to hear.

“Save us a dance at the Gas Pump Lizzie!”  Preston yelled out before he sat down with his siblings.

Lizzie just stood there with Mimi and Vera, both looking very proud of themselves with their arms crossed and huge smiles over their faces.  Lizzie just raised an eyebrow at them and walked away to calm her poor, now peeved, big man.

“Hello honey.  Would you like some lunch?”  She said with a salacious gleam in her eyes as she pulled him down to give him kiss on the lips.

The look he gave her made her shiver with its promise that is wasn’t her food that he wanted.  Well, at least she knew for sure how to calm her savage beast. 

“So what is our restaurant serving as specials in here today?  I am feeling the beef personally!”  Ben clapped his hands together as though planning out his favorites.

Lizzie rolled her eyes in an obvious display of annoyance.

“The whole premise of the expression ‘silent partner’, Ben, is to actually be silent, you know.”  Lizzie tried to explain patiently.
Giving her a wicked grin, he allowed his gaze to run over her curves pausing on the hardening peaks poking through the soft material of her blouse. 

“That’s fine with me baby, you are the face of this operation.  I think of better things to do with my mouth anyway.”  Ben whispered huskily in her ear, allowing his lips to touch.

Lizzie felt shivers and returned his smile.  For once, she had to agree with him completely.

Lots of unanswered questions to tease us! I'll bet things heat up between Ben and Lizzie, don't they? Give us a little more spice, please.

“And so it begins darlin’.  From now on baby, you are mine.  Mine to pleasure, mine to care for and definitely mine to punish.  Starting now.”

Ben barely gave Lizzie any time to process his declaration before his hand snaked out and threaded through her wet hair to pull her face to his.  He used his other hand to pull her body towards his with a yank on the rope that held her.  He shifted until he their increasing breaths mingled as he probably shocked her by gentling his intent and softly stroked her cheeks with his thumbs, causing her body to quake as she couldn’t physically hide her response to his tender touches.  The look of surprise on her face made him smile as he leaned in to run his hot lips over the skin that his thumbs had stroked, savoring her wet flesh.  She was probably expecting the punishment part first.  Silly girl, he liked that he was going to have to keep her on her toes in this relationship. 

He heard her moan softly as he shifted his mouth to lightly rim her ear, allowing her to feel his hot tantalizing breath as her scent consumed his senses.  She tasted of sweetened vanilla bizarrely enough, earning a moan of his own, it was his favorite.  She became restless as he positioned his tongue and lips to run down the column of her neck and that soft spot where it met the shoulder.  He pulled her head to the side with a bit more aggression as he dropped his other hand to trace the wet path his hungry mouth left for it to follow. His fingers almost reverently slid down her heated neck as he listened to her ragged breathing proclaiming without words of her increasing arousal.  Her skin was the softest silk as he began to memorize its feel and texture. 
“Ben, please.  Release my hands.”  Lizzie panted out.  “I want to touch you, I need to touch you.”

Ben didn’t even lift his head as he held hers in his tight commanding grip.  His wicked tongue was forging a trail that was going to end when it made its way to her breast.

“No.”  It was all that Ben offered as a response.

Lizzie began to struggle against her bonds in earnest when he reached the upper swell of her right breast. His ran his tongue in a swirling pattern, toying with her already overwrought emotions. 

Without any warning, Ben tugged her across his body so that she lay like a baby in his arms, bound and trussed with her chest only covered by the damp thin white satin and lace of her demi bra, or what was left of it.  He allowed his eyes to brand her as he ran them from the exquisitely delicate features of her face, over the smooth column of her neck, down to her abundant mounds that were bouncing with his sudden movements.  He took in the flat planes of her smooth stomach and the outline of her soft mound, down to her strong, firm legs and then back to her pulsating core again.  He used his hand, the one not still threaded in her hair holding her to his whim, to lightly trace the obvious outer lips that were practically begging him to slip his fingers into their depths.

“Baby, I can’t resist you any longer.  I need to hear you come for me.  I just need it Lizzie.”  Ben’s voice sounded harsh even to his own ears as he vocalized what was necessary to bring him back to sanity.  He needed this one control over her as his body began to release the fear and alien sense of helplessness that had tortured him while he had been trying to save her.

Deftly he plucked the snap of her capris free and pulled the zipper down slowly, allowing his fingers to tease the pale soft flesh underneath.  He watched as though enthralled by Lizzie’s own response as she was held captivated by his hand as it descended under the white satin of her thong.  Ripples of arousal caused her body to tremble in his lap, causing her rear to rub so enticingly against his rock hard cock again.  His two fingers found her clit and rubbed gently in a circular pattern forcing her to arch her back at the obvious pleasure that he was giving her.  He slid them further eliciting a small gasp as they slid effortlessly through her juices as they found her unbearably wet and ready for whatever ‘punishment’ he would administer. Moans filled the cab as he ran them back and forth through her slick arousal before sliding them up and into her hot, tight channel which clenched in obvious approval.  Lizzie let out a frustrated sigh which then turned into a groan as she watched him suck those very fingers into his mouth.  The look of satisfaction on his face was more than sufficient enough to convey his pleasure at her taste. 

“Baby, you taste like heaven.  You were made for pleasure and I am going to see to it that you are used in that manner to the very best of my abilities.”  Ben allowed a grin that was both arrogant and decadent to follow in the wake of his declaration.  He felt tense from his restraint as his need to get inside of her was about to override his ability to take her gently.

Oh, I was so right about the rising heat level! Quick, tell us where we can buy Stony Creek Hero.





Taylor, thanks for visiting Some Like It Hotter today. Readers, as always, happy hot and sexy reading!

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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to welcome award winning Canadian author, Pauline Holyoak. Pauline is here to introduce her spine-chilling trilogy inspired by her own experiences at a remote little cottage near Stonehenge.

“This author paints each page with fantasy, colorful characters, and haunting events that would light up a movie screen.”       

Pauline - can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in Southeast England, in a coal mining village lovingly nicknamed, “The place that time forgot.” Go to my website, click on Articles and find out why.  I immigrated to Canada when I was twenty one. I came, in search of adventure and a new life.  I now live in Alberta with my sports crazy husband, adorable sheltie dog and cantankerous ginger cat. I am the proud mother of two grown children and one adorable grandchild.

As far back as I can remember the pen and paper have been my faithful companions and story telling my forte. As a child I was shy and reclusive. I lived in my inner world of fantasy and make-believe, preferring the company of Mother Nature and my imaginary friends, to that of other children. Often, I would sneak away from the mundane adult world, find a private retreat (usually behind the garden shed) and imagine. There in my own little sanctuary with tools in hand, I'd conjure up all kinds of intriguing tales and colorful characters, then I’d read them to my imaginary friend. She was always so attentive.

Do you have a hobby besides writing?     
I love reading, cooking, entertaining, traveling, going for long walks in the country and daydreaming…..

Have you ever done anything outrageous?

Yes, lots of things - some good and some, not so good. Here is one. I ran away from home when I was 16, to join a band of hippies and live on the streets of London. I went to challenge the establishment, proclaim peace, escape the hum-drub village life and find myself. I lived in la…la…land with the flower children for about a year but I never did find myself. I have now! I think??

What are some of your favorite authors and some of your favorite books you’ve read?

I like to read mixed genres. One of my favorite books is Anne of Green Gables. As a child I fantasized about living in a big house, in the country, with a wraparound porch just like Green Gables. And, like me, Anne had a wild and vivid imagination. I like the domestic bliss of Rosamund Pilcher, the fearful suspense of Lisa Jackson, the magic of J.K. Rowling’s, and the gut-wrenching horror and Stephen King. I do like a little steamy romance but I didn’t like, Fifty Shades of Grey. “Holy shit!” Sorry guys. My favorite author is Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have all his books. I call him my spiritual mentor. My favorite book? Well, that would have to be mine. Hey, you asked. My trilogy has all the elements I like, romance, fantasy, humor, horror and sex.

What inspired you to write the Merryweather Lodge trilogy?

Every summer, when I was a child, we would visit my aunt and uncle at their quaint and mysterious little cottage on Salisbury Plain. It was called Scotland Lodge and was situated not far from the historical Stonehenge. My uncle worked as a farm hand for the local squire. My aunt tended the manor house. It was there as I roamed free, deep within the English countryside, that I experienced joy, enchantment and some very strange and frightening occurrences. It was like a fairytale kingdom with a sinister twist. The memories of my summers at Scotland Lodge stayed with me, as a sort of nagging unsolved mystery all my life. A few years ago I revisited my childhood wonderland and was lead to concocting this story and writing this book. It is from my mystifying holidays, at that remote little cottage, that this trilogy has emerged.

Can you tell us about your trilogy?

My trilogy is about a Druid Priestess who comes back to the place where she was slaughtered in search of the reincarnation of the soul that stole the man she loved and killed her. My protagonist, Emily Fletcher, is to discover after many horrifying experiences and finding her soul mate, Jonathan McArthur that she is that reincarnated soul.  My fictional world holds traces of reality. Some of the elements and events in my spine-chilling trilogy are true. In book three I talk about my experiences at that remote little cottage, near Stonehenge.

Tell us about your protagonist.

Emily Fletcher is an attractive, strong-willed young woman, who struggles with her self image, volatile temper and bad habits. She’s a vegetarian and a progressive thinker. Like me, she likes her own space and often wanders into the country to ponder and seek solace from Mother Nature. She has always dreamt of living a simple life, in her aunts enchanting little cottage, with her gorgeous prince charming. If only she could be rid of the entity that taunts her.  She has a psychic gift but doesn’t know how to use it. Well, she didn’t, at the beginning.

Can you tell us why we're going to love your hero?

Jonathan McArthur is strikingly handsome, strong yet sensitive; charismatic, with a luscious English accent that will make your mouth water. He’s intelligent, witty and very creative. He has a soft spot for animals, the less fortunate and forgotten people. Jonathan struggles to stay in his safe world of logic and predictability but the world he is forced to live in is neither logical nor predictable. He’s in my book trailer, on my website. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Would you tell us about the romance between Emily and Jonathan?

They are soul mates, literally. The bond that they have has survived many incarnations. They were meant to be together for eternity. But, real life, their distinct personalities and an unearthly entity, stops them form getting too close, too intimate, for too long. Their love affair is a slow and progressive, with sudden flashes of titillating foreplay. But, at the end, their climax will knock your socks off!

What are you working on next?

Another paranormal suspense, Shadows in the House of Sappho. Like Merryweather Lodge, it contains elements of mystery, passion, fantasy, humor, horror and lots of sex!

Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers? 

What attracts them to a book? The cover, the blurb, author’s bio, genre, recognition of the authors name or something else?  

How about a little teaser for our readers?
An excerpt from book 2. Merryweather Lodge – Malevolent Spirit

Jonathan took the glass out of my hand, placed it on the tray and with an air of urgency he lead me to his bedroom. As soon as I stared to move I felt a familiar pressure in my lower abdomen. Oh shit, I have to pee. Damn you wine. “I have to go to the bathroom. Sorry, I’ll be right back.” I hoped that this wouldn’t spoil the moment but I’d be no use to him in there with my kidneys about to bust.

“Okay, but hurry or I’ll need a fire extinguisher to put out these flames.” 

I giggled. “I won't be long, I promise.” I scurried to the shared bathroom at the end of the hall and prayed that no one was in there. I was finally going to bed the man of my dreams, to run my hands over his sensuous body and feel him inside me. I could sense the sexual energy building inside me as I closed the bathroom door. As I stepped into the hallway an unpleasant smell greeted me. As I got closer to his room the smell become rancid and the air bitterly cold. I could hear the sound of someone groaning and panting. The door was open, but I was sure I’d shut it behind me. A chill raced along my spine. I moved timidly, through the sitting room, shivering, my fingers holding my nose. I reached the door of the bedroom and gasped! Dumbfounded, I watched as Jonathan’s hips pumped up and down. His eyes were closed, his face rippled with pleasure, cries of arousal escaping from his moist lips. “Yes. Ooooh yes!” The bed squeaked. The sheet below his waist was levitating and moving as though something was underneath it. His hands seemed to be caressing an invisible form. He was panting like a horny dog; his head pushed back into the pillow, his naked chest wet with sweat. Rage and jealousy gripped like a vise at my rib cage. Oh my God. It’s her. My unearthly adversary. She’s on top of him! She’s raping him!

Merryweather Lodge – A quaint little cottage, steeped in history, shrouded in secrets, its aura a paradoxical essence of heaven and hell. Come with me to the West Country in England and experience my protagonist’s strange and eerie journey there.

Wow, creepy sexy scene! Pauline, thank you so much for being here on SOME LIKE IT HOTTER today.

Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I had a blast!

My books are available in print or eBook format at http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com  or  www.amazon.com Book three will be released on July 1st.

Please come visit me at http://www.paulineholyoak.com to read about my fascinating life and view my videos.

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Take a Chance on Love hot excerpt:

Her knees trembled as she rose to precede Brinegar down the hall, but not from Brinegar’s nearness. It was the thought of Micah Taylor that had her shaking. Suddenly she had the most vivid picture of Trooper Taylor naked: all tall, lean muscle. She had a lot of trouble making the vision go away, even though she knew she had to make it go away. It was imperative that she keep her mind on what she was doing.

“If you’ll follow me, please.” Her voice quavered. She refused to turn her head to see if Micah Taylor watched her walk across the short-napped gray carpet, even though she could feel the heat of his eyes centered on her ass. She could feel Arthur Brinegar’s eyes as well through the suede fabric of her drop-shouldered shirt, and forced herself not to shudder at the definite contrast of hot and cold.

Micah Taylor watched the woman with the dark honey-gold hair give the cold shoulder to Artie. He admired the way Chancie de Leur handled herself, all cool and collected. He liked the way she looked too, that soft brown outfit reminding him of Taos and sunshine, chasing away the winter chill. He especially liked the way she filled out what she wore, breasts nice round mounds in front and ass very nice round mounds swinging most invitingly in back. Not to mention that wild tangle of honey gold hair cascading down her back. Yeah, he definitely liked looking at Chancie de Leur.

He wanted to fuck her.

Take a Chance on Love blurb:
When Chancie de Leur meets highway patrol trooper Micah Taylor one frosty Wyoming night, instant sexual heat kindles between them. Chancie’s a lonely young widow who owns her own business and Micah is divorced, so there shouldn’t be anything holding them back. But Micah wonders if Chancie’s obvious wealth might become an issue, or the fact that she’s apparently the second woman in his life who has zero interest in ever having his baby. 

Micah has no idea of the real problem between him and Chancie, until he meets her son. Ten-year-old Jamie de Leur is determined to break up his mom and her lawman, and Micah questions whether any relationship with Chancie is worth dealing with the spoiled kid she’s raising. 

In a showdown over Jamie breaking the law, Micah has to decide if he wants to be Chancie’s cop—or her family man.

Author links:
Twitter @writerchristi 
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blog: Some Like It Hotter

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Thanks for visiting Some Like It Hotter, and as always, happy caliente and sexy reading!

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Welcome to the Cowboys and Lawmen Blog Hop!
Join nearly 50 authors as we share why we love Cowboys and Lawmen. Cowboys are known as bad-boys, but what happens when the bad-boy is also the law in town? What is it about these contradictions that make small town sheriffs, Texas Rangers and ex-outlaws-turned-lawmen so irresistible? Whether you write or love to read about the Wild West or modern day Montana, what do you love most about lawmen who are also cowboys? And what makes them so gosh-darn sexy?

Enter on this blog by leaving **your e-mail address in a comment** to win a Love Bear signed by Christi. For participating blogs where you can win more, as well as the Grand Prize, see below.

Picture the Old West lawman, tall and lean, boots on his feet and cowboy hat on his head, a shiny badge on his vest and a sixgun holstered at his hip. What draws us, women and men, so unerringly to this icon? What is it that makes a lawman sexy? And if the Old West hero had sex appeal, does that same allure attach to today’s law enforcement officer?

I’ve already mentioned the Western lawman’s outfit: add chaps and the horse of the ranch cowboy and all women wearing low cut silk dresses instantly swoon. This lawman is legend, a hero who represents unyielding integrity and indomitable will. Exemplified by the small town sheriff, the historic lawman will always chase down the bad guys—alone if it comes to that. He lives by what he believes, and not by what he’s told. This is the hard riding loner who puts himself in danger to save the little frontier town, a man hurt by a woman whose image still resides in the depths of his heart. This man is as much an unattainable fantasy to the local ladies as that nearly forgotten woman is to him.

Fast forward 150 years. What characteristics of that iconic lawman survive? What makes today’s LEO sexy?

Cops of today personify strength. Their roots may be more military than Western, but they still wear the badge and carry a gun at their hip. The image of the loner is still there, along with the indomitability and strength. Look at today’s cop cars, big, heavy vehicles outfitted with black push bars and iron cages. Today's cops use automatic weapons. The use of force might be the last form of persuasion, but the reminders of an officer's power are unmistakable. In this age of fascination with BDSM, the modern uniformed police officer is the ultimate Dom.

And yet for all their modern armor, today’s police are as vulnerable to ambush as yesterday’s sheriff riding out alone on a horse. The danger for the ones upholding the law is as immediate as it always has been, and the fears of the one waiting at home for the return of the family LEO are just as real.

~~~New sensual romance release from Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books~~~

In my new contemporary romance Take a Chance on Love, Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper Micah Taylor is instant fire starting material for businesswoman Chancie de Leur’s dormant sexual fantasies. But ten-year-old Jamie de Leur is determined to break up his mom’s budding romance with the lawman, and Micah questions whether any relationship with Chancie is worth dealing with the spoiled kid she’s raising. In a final showdown over Jamie breaking the law, Micah has to decide if he wants to be Chancie’s cop—or her family man.

Excerpt from Take a Chance on Love:

How much was Chancie willing to give up in order to please her son? “I don’t think Judy is the one I’d have trouble recognizing right now. Chancie, are you all right?”

She took a deep, shuddering breath. “Okay. The whole truth. I didn’t agree to Judy’s idea just for Jamie. I wanted to have time to be with you too. I didn’t want to be calling you from motel rooms and missing you all the time. And if you’re talking about giving up control, well, I’m going to have to start trusting somebody sometime so I thought I’d start with Judy.”

She’d been making plans. Micah felt hollow inside. Didn’t she see it wasn’t going to work out between the two of them? Or should he say among the three of them? How could they think they might have a future together when Jamie hated him?        

“There’s more.” Chancie continued, shuddering. Micah’s arm automatically tightened around her shoulders. “I’m not who you think I am,” Chancie said in a tiny voice.

All Micah’s cop instincts bristled. What did she mean? Did she have a secret identity, a criminal past? Was there something else hidden between them, holding them apart? Impossible. He damped down his suspicion. He knew Chancie de Leur better than she thought he did. He knew she could never be happy while Jamie was unhappy. She was turning her whole life around for a kid who appreciated none of her effort.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” he said. He lifted her chin. “If you’re not who I think you are, just who might you be?”

Author links:
Twitter @writerchristi 
Google+: Christi Williams

Buy links for Take a Chance on Love:
HTML or PDF download at Whiskey Creek Press
Kindle download at Amazon
Nook at Barnes & Noble

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