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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to welcome DD Symms on the release of the new novel, Boarding, Book 1 of the Jessie Carter Fashion Series: True Friends are Life's Greatest Pleasure. Please give us a bit of information on your new book.

Glad to visit and thank you for hosting me.

Boarding, Book 1 of The Jessie Carter Fashion Series: True Friends are Life's Greatest Pleasure

A determined young woman who gets fashion design gigs with a cheap lingerie company dreams of designing for a world famous model.

When the opportunity springs on Jessie Carter during a visit to New York City she has to fight the objections of her boyfriend, fend off a crazed gossip columnist, and she falls for the bi-sexual assistant to the model's manager.

That's the story behind Boarding, a sexy fashion novel and Book 1 of The Jessie Carter Fashion Series.

The Characters
Jessie Carter loves her craft of designing fashion and that's what appeals to me. She's not star struck and she admires the model, Veve Rouselette because she's watched shows of Veve's commitment to quality.

Alas, Jessie has a wonderful but controlling boyfriend in Raymond who designs mobile apps and he has plans for her life that he "knows" would be better suited for her.

Callan DeLongpre, the bi-sexual assistant and lover of Torrey Johnson, simply takes pleasure in helping others and he and Jessie connect in a way that is more fully developed in a later novel Arrival (which is my work-in-progress).

Boarding doesn't focus on the glamour of the industry but on the relationships and how sexuality draws people together and creates tension when desires are not aligned.

How about a little taste of the book?

In this excerpt, Jessie and Raymond are in separate cities. She is performing for him on webcam until he blows it.

Jessie arranged the pillows so she could lean back on them. Her legs dangled over the edge of the mattress and she ran the crystal toy the length of her body and then spread her legs wide. "Can you see?"

"Yeah. You're so lovely." He gritted his teeth.

She ran the curved tip over the few tiny hairs on her mons and then pressed once on her clit. Whoever crafted the product was a genius. There was an unusual balance to it, so even though it had no batteries it still felt like it had its own natural movement.

She leaned back on one elbow and raised the point with the other hand. "I got this in London."


"Yeah." Jessie moved the tip along the lips of her labia.

"Why?" Raymond sounded shocked and incredulous.

"Huh?" Jessie did a double take.

"Why'd you buy it?"

Jessie inserted the tip but just like a balloon bursting with the prick of a pin, the molten lust flowing in the air instantly cooled. She reclined and pulled it out. "What do you mean 'why did I buy it'?"

"Was it expensive?" He was awakened from his sensuous daze. "Cash or credit? You told me there are specials online all the time."

Perhaps Raymond was a long, lost relative of Ebenezer Scrooge. "Aw, sweetheart." Jessie collapsed on the pillows and the ceiling seemed to close in on her. She wished Raymond could appreciate the experience of walking into a store and browsing. She had been so hot and so close to striking a fucking orgasm when the fire department from the Kingdom of Pure Pragmatism arrived in time to completely douse her. "Why the hell would you care?" She couldn't help raising her voice.

"Now, Jessie—"

"It's my money, goddamn it."

"Of course it is. And you've mentioned your concerns about not having enough."

Ugh, I sound like a child. Swearing from anger was distasteful, especially when lying naked on silk sheets in a five-star hotel overlooking Central Park. Her long-term career options weighed on her more than spending habits. He couldn't hear that.

Raymond had such an ability to inflame her passion when he wanted. He knew how to apply tiny quick kisses and lather her in luxurious strokes with his tongue and his hands. But the past several months after his tech firm launched, his playfulness had grown dim like the diminishing wick of a candle. Now he huffed, puffed, and extinguished the flame.

Uh-oh. Sounds like Raymond is blowing it with Jessie. Where can we buy Boarding, Book 1 of the Jessie Carter Fashion Series: True Friends are Life's Greatest Pleasure

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I will send the first 3 chapters of Boarding to any reader who comments below with an email address.

DD thanks for being with us today on Some Like It Hotter! Readers, as always, happy hot and sexy reading.

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