Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Some Like It Hotter is pleased to welcome Erin O'Quinn and Nya Rawlyns with their brand new release, Bighorn: A Wilderness Trail Novel.

Thanks, Christi, for letting me be a part of your attractive blog! What I’d like to introduce to your readers is a kind of unique work. . . a novel written by two people a continent away from each other, in a matter of a few weeks, just two women succumbing to their muse and the common thread of loving gay lit stories with emotion and spirit both.

Erin O’Quinn and Nya Rawlyns present . . .

BIGHORN,  the story of two men: An oversized Native American named Truck, a man with a lonely yesterday and a bleak tomorrow . . . A handsome Federal Wildlife agent, a man named Dominic, whose nickname “Dom” should have told Truck something important before he ever messed with him.

Even a spiritual man, in close quarters with a sensuous companion, can be forgiven for letting himself succumb to the moment. Intending merely to give Dom a hand unloading his camp bed, Truck enters his camper shell. Two oversized men in a small space, both hearts sounding a waking call to their deepest needs . . . something has to happen.

By Erin O’Quinn and Nya Rawlyns
The air inside was too hot, too still, the silence a dull aching roar, putting a hurt on him that he couldn’t ignore. It jazzed his body, to the hilt. 

Dom shifted, the movement exposing an obvious erection. That was his opening. He read the signs and made his move. Somehow Dom’s face was inches from his, and his own knee prodded the man’s loins even farther apart. 

Dom didn’t try to move, and Truck didn’t try to talk. He could just see Dom’s fucking crazy-cat eyes reflected in the outside light from the rear of the open shell, and he heard them speak, daring him inside. With one hand high on each of Dom’s thighs, his thumbs between the man’s balls, he leaned in and took control of his open mouth. 

The scratch of a shadow beard on his cheeks, the wide, sulky lips moving under his teeth, tore a goddamn grenade through his balls and up his dick. He somehow stayed in a defensive crouch, still grasping a pair of sinewy thighs, tongue-fucking a man only hours from being a total stranger. It was right, it was perfect, and he collapsed onto the mat, taking Dom down with him, cradling his head, fingers twining the dark strands of silky hair. 

Truck was certain that the other man wanted him, needed his large hand to move from his inner leg to his ass. Still trying to find his way in the mysterious paths of Dom’s moving mouth, he sought and held his tongue, silently ravishing the one part of the stranger he thought he could take wholly, without remorse. 
He felt the man’s supple ass move in the jeans as his left hand kneaded and needed, drawing Dom’s crotch into his own. Even fully barricaded by his suit trousers, Truck felt his balls go tight with anticipation, his dick engorge to the point of explosion. 

Fuck. Stop, man, stop. 

Like a bomb had detonated in his skull, he jerked away from the sensuous taste of lust and managed to get back onto his knees, still bent over a man who hadn’t yet uttered a word. One thumb traced his wide mouth, his soft lower lip, kiss-swollen from the violence of his invasion.

 Choking on the words, he managed to say, “I’m … sorry,” the sound strangled and truncated in the closed space.

Avoiding Dom’s eyes, he rose onto the balls of his feet, still hunchbacked in the tight shell, and crab-stepped his way to the rear opening. Jumping to the ground, he almost ran to the solace of the cabin.

 Oh no, no no. I almost raped the man. 

He hunched against the rear wall, filled with shame and unspilled cum, weeping silent tears from the spirit-wind inside. 

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Erin OQuinn said...

Wow Christi, this looks great! You mean WE wrote this? It's almost a dream come true. Two voices speaking as one, even though thousands of miles apart. Two men falling in lust, then into something far more soul-seizing...

We are so pleased to have your attractive platform to introduce "our" guys, ones who now belong to the world.


Sessha Batto said...

Two of my favorite writers together?! I'm in heaven ;)

Nya Rawlyns said...

This is a wonderful site. Thanks so much for hosting us! Erin and I fell head-over-heels with our characters and we like nothing better than to share the love.

SparklingSu said...

I cherish this book and these men. I've read it 5 times. Seriously, 5 times, in the short time it's been out. It's *that* good.

Thank you, ladies, for gifting the world with Dom and Truck as well as your extraordinary selves. More collaboration, please?