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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to welcome Rhonda Lee Carver and Wicked Pleasures. First up is a little teaser, Rhonda's "Naughty Sex Facts."

Naughty Sex Facts
By Rhonda Lee Carver

·   Athletes have more sex. Probably because they are fit, trim and have lots of stamina. I wonder if this includes firemen who have to carry large hoses? Hmm…
·   In Colorado, where my latest release, Wicked Pleasure, is set, it is against the law to kiss a sleeping woman. I wonder how they’d know if this happens? Are all houses equipped with cameras?
·   Headaches are a bad excuse for not having sex. When a woman has an orgasm her brain releases lots of endorphins, which are actually as potent as a pain killer. Sounds like people should pass on the Tylenol and head straight for the bedroom.
·   There are approximately 100 million acts of sex a day. Are you included in this statistic?
·   It takes around two tablespoons of blood to get a man’s penis erect.
·   On average, a flaccid penis measures 3 inches. An erect penis measures 5 inches.
·   Sperm is good for the skin. The proteins can tighten skin.  And it’s cheap!
·   All of the hair on our body is naturally “programmed” to grow at different rates. Pubic hair has a slow growth duration.
·   In Victorian times, whores wore pubic wigs.
·   Women who read romance novels have sex two times more often than those who don’t. 

     Rhonda, how about an excerpt from Wicked Pleasures?

BRONTE SNUGGLED DEEPER into the nest of pleasing warmth. She’d never felt such comfort.  Stretching her muscles, she sighed languidly as a rush of indulgence whirled through her. The nightmare of being held hostage by an arrogant ass couldn’t even fade the glorious feeling.  No other time had she slept all night.

Rolling over, her face pressed against something iron hard. Inhaling deeply, she froze. Her heart skipped a beat. The smell was familiar—woodsy mixed with mint. And who the hell was breathing in her ear?
Sliding one eye open, she jerked. Shit! She darted across the bed, pulling the red satin sheet with her. The kidnapping wasn’t a dream. The arrogant ass was here, in bed,with her! Worse, she was in his bed and he was sleeping soundly. Damn! He was naked!

She raked her gaze downward, soaking up every inch of his nudity.

Hell, she didn’t want to look at him, but for the life of her, she couldn’t help herself.  Admiring his physique broke some unwritten rule about captive not ogling her captor, but if he wasn’t aware, maybe it wasn’t so wrong. He was the description of perfect male, making her self-conscious of her own less-than-perfect body. From his broad shoulders, over massive chest, narrow waist, and—she jerked her glance away. Oh hell! He was hard and a size that matched every other large part of him.  It was so wrong that such a jerk had a body of Adonis.

“Forget the body,” she whispered. She wondered how he’d gotten naked. She lifted the sheet. And how the hell did I get naked?

She was going to be sick. Stomach twirling, she squeezed the bridge of her nose between her forefinger and thumb. She couldn’t remember anything after he’d pulled out needle and thread and—
Biting back a moan, she held up her bandaged hand. With haste she’d never known, she tore off the white gauzy material. Shit! Shit! Her heart beat faster. She stared at her wounded hand neatly stitched and covered in clear salve. Looking over at the sleeping man, her mind fabricated ways she could teach him a lesson on boundaries, and so proudly flaunting his goods. Her eyes naturally fell to his long cock. She should follow through with a few of her own evil ideas.  Wonder how he’d like a few stitches in his tool?

No use. She was a wimp. At the mere sight of blood she’d probably pass out, and ending up unconscious was the last thing she wanted.

A horrible notion flashed through her mind. Was it possible they had sex? If she was out while he stitched her wound, anything could have happened. She reached down and touched her inner thighs. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, no swelling or sensitivity, and with a cock his size, she’d have physical evidence.

Some tension left her muscles. Although he didn’t violate her, would he next time?

How had he knocked her out? Had he hypnotized her?

There was no time to stick around and debate her questions. She knew this could be her one and only chance to get the hell away.

Bronte gave the sleeping figure one more glance. He still slept. His breathing was heavy and his chest rose and fell evenly. As quietly as possible, she slid to the edge of the bed, eased her legs over the side and placed her feet onto the cool floor.  She stood and wrapped the sheet around her body as she scanned the room for her clothes. They were gone. She guessed Roark had hid them from her, thinking she wouldn’t escape without clothes. Dressed or not, she’d get out of this place. Nudity was nothing compared to spending more time in Roark’s loony bin.

With a quick glimpse over her shoulder to make sure he was still asleep, Bronte started across the room toward the door. She took each tiptoed step with great care, but every breath and every time her foot pressed against the wood, it sounded like an explosion in her ears. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Her heart fluttered at the possibility of freedom. Reaching the exit, she placed her palm on the knob, twisted and her hope dropped. Nothing happened. It was locked. The bastard! Maybe she could stand the sight of blood, just this once, if it meant getting revenge. She turned on heel and ran into a wall of flesh and muscle. Bringing her gaze up into an expression of pure wickedness, she gulped loudly.

“You didn’t think I’d allow you to walk out of here, did you?” His voice was husky from sleep. He yawned and wiped his eyes.

His laid-back attitude made her want to rip his eyes out. And having him stand there naked and proud, made her fury multiply. How dare he be so smug! “You can’t keep me here forever.”

 “How long you stay is completely up to you, sweetheart. You’re in control more than you think.”

She slanted her eyes, wishing she could shoot daggers into his head. “I’ll never have your child. You said you have plenty of willing women so why not find someone who is eager to have your baby?”

The corner of his lips curved downward. “I also told you that I didn’t pick you.”

Holding the sheet over her with one hand, she used the other to rub her aching temple. It wasn’t possible to have a conversation with someone who was in serious need of mental help.  “Okay, you’ve told me that. You didn’t pick me.” It was no use. “Where are my clothes? I am allowed to wear something, right?” He lowered his eyes over her sheet-covered body and every part of her quivered, in a very bad, but good, way. She tugged the satin material tighter as if it was a shield from his view. He brought his gaze back to hers and his twinkling eyes offended her, yet excited her. She’d need to see a therapist after this.

He laughed. How could he think this was humorous?

“Of course clothes are permitted. That is until you decide you want to frolic naked. It’s such a feeling of freedom, not to mention, without all of that material in the way it’s much easier to gain access to the lovely parts.”

Her face flamed with heat. She wanted to tell him just what she thought, but knew he’d give her some 
egotistical response. For now, she needed to get dressed. “Clothes? Where are they? White top, black pants.”
“You can’t wear those.” He turned his back to her and went to the wardrobe. “I’ve already thrown them out.”

“Thrown them out? Why?” Bronte wanted to scream.  She watched him take out clothes from the cabinet, thinking he was going to give her something to wear, but instead he shook out a pair of dark denims and started to put them on. Her eyeballs itched to watch his tight backside, but she refused herself the pleasure. Nope, she wouldn’t do it. But as the jeans moved upward, her gaze went downward. She swore the man was a devil with power. And to top it off, his sex was hard…again. Did it ever deflate? She wondered how he’d fit himself inside the pants?

He turned and she made sure her stare was on his face. “They were spotted with blood.”

“Huh?” Her mind was confused.

“Your clothes. That’s what we were talking about.”

“And whose fault is it that they were bloody?” She huffed.

“Relax, Bronte. That color of pale doesn’t work for you,” he said as he passed her to the door. With his back to her, she wondered if she had time to find something to crack him over the head. She scanned the room until his voice snapped her into reality. “Tsk, tsk. Such brutal thoughts for a wisp of a woman. I’m not sure you could reach high enough. I liked you admiring my body much better.”
She opened her mouth to blast him with a four-letter word when her mind wrapped around the fact that he’d just read her thoughts. Every hair on her body stood erect. It wasn’t the first time he seemed to know what she was thinking.

He looked at her over his shoulder. “Do you think you can behave outside of the confines of this room? I’d hate to tie your wrists again. Touching you is much more tempting when you’re bound and pissed off.” He wriggled his brows.

“You’re unbelievable,” she snarled.

“Unbelievable is not the right word, sweetheart. I haven’t lied to you once to earn that label.” He smirked. “Now, answer the question or I’ll leave you in here until you lose some of that ladylike charm.”
“I deserve answers to my questions as well.” Her strength was weakening. Her hope of getting away was fading. This man had her right where he wanted her, but she refused to give up. Maybe he’d come to his senses.

His jaw loosened and his features softened. “You’re right. In time, you’ll get the answers you want. For now, let’s go to your room. Your new clothes are in there.”

“My room?” The words spilled out like a bitter morsel of veracity. She had a room. He planned to keep her. The madness grew deeper.

He reached above the frame of the door and grabbed the key. She bit her bottom lip.So that was his hiding place. He opened the thick wooden door and stepped back, motioning for her to lead the way into the hall. “Remember what I said, fiery wench. Bounds and defiance are irresistible to me. I’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment you cocked me in the jaw.”

He only mocked her, but she wasn’t ready to test him. “Get over yourself and show me this room,” she said with animosity. “And then I hope I can have some privacy.”

“Ladies first.”

Walking into the hall, she looked around her. She half expected a camera crew to jump out from behind the scenes, yelling, “You’ve been punked.” No such luck.  She moved farther down the corridor, fully aware he was following her, like a predator.

“Here we are,” he said and she stopped at the closed doorway. It figured he’d have her next door to his own bedroom. He pushed past her and unlocked the door, then dropped the key back into his front pocket. He opened the door. “After you, sweetheart.”

Bronte wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting of the room. She wouldn’t have imagined it’d be extravagant, yet it was a bedroom fit for a queen—superbly designed and tastefully furnished. He’d gone to great lengths in every detail, making her wonder if he’d done all of this for her. She’d only seen rooms like this in magazines.

From the doorway, she admired the white wall with the intricate pearlescent stencil design, which was contemporary and sophisticated. Silk curtains framed the queen bed, which was adorned with matching bright mulberry colored bedding. Delicate crystal beads hung on one side of the bed, catching the rich colors of the blanket. Beautiful oil paintings of flowers and cherubs hung on the walls, elaborating on the romantic theme. French doors led to a balcony.

“Well, are you going to go in?” Roark asked from behind her.

“Yes, I guess I should.” She was in awe as she strolled further into the suite, wanting to bask in its beauty but she wouldn’t allow him the pleasure. “So, where are my clothes?”

“You’ll find everything you need in here. Clothes are in the drawers. The bathroom is here.” He pointed to a door to her right.

“Okay. You can go now.” The quicker he was out of her hair the sooner she could get dressed and get plotting her getaway.

He seemed to hesitate and then nodded. “Come downstairs in thirty minutes.”

“Sure, Master.”

“Your attitude is improving already.”

She gritted her teeth. He stepped out, closed the door behind him and she heard his laughter all the way down the hall. “Bastard,” she whispered. She half expected him to pop back in and scold her.

Where can we buy Wicked Pleasures?
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Where can we find more about Rhonda Lee Carver?
Find more about the author of:
     Double Dare  www.lyricalpress.com
     Diamond in a Rose  www.thewildrosepress.com
     Second Chance Cowboy  www.lyricalpress.com
     Delaney's Sunrise    www.lyricalpress.com
     Castle's Fortress     www.lyricalpress.com
     Dreaming Ivy    www.lyricalpress.com

Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhonda-Lee-Carver-Author

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Tuesday Tantalizers is pleased to welcome Kathleen Ball, 2012 RONE Award Finalist, with her new release in the Cowboy Seasons series, Autumn's Hope.

Pregnant and alone, Autumn Lavin moves to the small town of Carlston, Montana intending to open a vegetarian restaurant, determined that she doesn’t need a man in her life.
Hunky, Cattleman, Jonas Barnes is instantly at odds with Autumn, he has a much needed contract to supply the restaurant with beef. Jonas is an injured Army Veteran with too many scars, inside and out, to ever truly open his heart.
Autumn’s love wraps around him but he is afraid that once she sees how damaged he really is she’ll turn away.
Autumn smiled her thanks and slowly walked out of the kitchen. Her thoughts were crowded in her head and they didn’t make sense. Jonas was such a nice man. She halted her thoughts. She knew the path she was being led on and it ended at her broken heart. He was just being neighborly. No matter how she tried to explain it away she couldn’t undo the anticipation that was zinging through her body.
She clasped her shaky hands together and made her way to the table. Jonas hopped up and pulled her chair out for her. She sat, and then looked up catching his gaze with hers. Something passed between them and she wished she knew what it meant. He folded himself into the chair opposite her. The width of his shoulders always amazed and delighted her. “I hope you don’t mind but I ordered for you.”
Jonas’ brown eyes lit up with a hint of amusement in them. “Veggie plate?”
Autumn chuckled. “How did you know?”
“Wild guess.”
They smiled at each other and she still wondered what he wanted. “Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me.”
His eyes grew serious. “Does it? Mean something I mean.”
She summoned up a grin and nodded. “I kept watching for you all night.” Her face heated at her confession.

Buy Links:

About Kathleen Ball:
Finalist in the 2012 RONE Awards. Top pick, 5 star series from the Romance Review. I write contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable characters.I have seven books currently published Callie's Heart, Lone Star Joy,Stetson's Storm-- Texas Haven and Ryelee's Cowboy-- Summer's Desire, Autumn's Hope. My books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists including Amazon's Best Sellers List. There's something about a cowboy. I hope you read and enjoy my books!!

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The crossing paths of friendship, family, love, and loss are often complicated. June Deckert and Caroline Smith sparked a friendship in college that carried them through graduation. Although they are complete opposites in every way, they have spent the last four years inseparable.

That is, until now.

June finds herself falling for a man who seems unattainable. As she works side by side with him on a new media campaign, their feelings for each other come alive. But when his actions start to speak louder than words, she wonders if she’s missing something.

Meanwhile, Caroline is fighting against her feelings for a recent acquaintance, and she decides to keep her new love interest a secret from June. 

Overwhelmed by these new emotions, her moods change swiftly, swinging up and down like a yo-yo.

While June and Caroline try to maneuver their way through new relationships, Caroline starts lying to June to protect her from a truth that threatens to break her heart and tear them apart.

In the end, Caroline’s deceit will test their friendship, and June will have to decide if her chance at love is worth putting her heart on the line.

Author Bio:
I have enjoyed reading and writing since I was very young. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of spending time with my mom or grandma reading a good book. Over the years, it never crossed my mind that writing my own novel would be an attainable goal. After reading several independently published novels by Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover and others, I decided I needed to give that dream a chance. So, I began writing. 

My debut novel, Crossing Paths released on August 28, 2013. When I'm not reading and writing, I enjoy spending time with my three favorite guys: my husband and my two little boys. In addition to being an author, I work as a Speech Language Pathologist to provide therapy to adults who are dealing with speech, language, cognition or voice deficits. My day job is rewarding in many different ways and I love having the opportunity to help others in a time of need.

Page Links:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMelanieStinnett
Twitter - https://twitter.com/melstinnett_
Goodreads -http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6884041.Melanie_Stinnett 

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Too Sexy For His Stetson
by Mal Olson

Contemporary Western Romantic Suspense
Categories: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Anessa Books
Release Date: April 29, 2013
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 318 pages
Available at:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Too-Sexy-his-Stetson-ebook/dp/B00CLELPSE/

Anguished over his father's lack of morals, Deputy Blade Beringer struggles
to conquer self-doubts. When he and his K9 partner Rambo arrive in the mountains of northern Idaho, Blade is faced with a band of white supremacists, a homicide investigation, and a murder cold case, not to mention the task of training a gorgeous blond rookie.                                                                                                                                             Trainee Brandy Wilcox is bent on clearing her mother's name of a wrongful murder conviction. While working the homicide investigation with her sexy new training officer, she discovers a connection between the victim and her mother's case. The two deputies struggle to resist their mutual attraction and abide by the no-fraternizing rules, but passion blazes and teeters on the brink of love. With a killer targeting them and danger lurking at every turn, Brandy doubts their love can blossom, especially when she puts Officer Skip Coogan—Blade's best friend and father figure—at the top of her suspect list.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers. 


We’ll take a break here.” In shallow water, Blade jumped out and pulled the raft ashore. They tossed aside their life vests and helmets and climbed onto sun-baked rocks, settling on a boulder that rose four feet above the water and cantilevered over the river. 

Brandy retrieved water bottles and a bag of homemade trail mix from the dry pack, poured a handful for herself, and handed it to Blade. 

“Where are the M&M’s?”

“I ate them while I was mixing, so I added dried fruit instead.” 

“Yum.” He turned up his nose and tossed back a handful despite the sarcasm. Then he surprised her. “So, suppose Secada lied about being with Skip the night of the murder. Aren’t there millions of people who weren’t with Secada that night?” 

“Sure,” she said, a handful of trail mix midway to her mouth, “but the fact that Coogan lied about it is significant.”

“With Secada out of the picture, who’s to prove he lied?”

“Exactly. His death is so convenient.” Brandy’s stomach muscles tightened. Her gut feeling about Skip’s guilt remained as strong as Blade’s unconditional belief in the man’s innocence. 

“Why do you refuse to consider Skip could have a dark side?”

“Because his personal history is impeccable.”


“Skip comes from a highly respected family. His dad was a cop who lost his life in the line of duty. And his grandfather was a Chief Inspector.”

“Things happen to people.” 

“Not people who are made of the right stuff.”

“You really believe that? Like father, like son? And a person’s either born to be good or destined to be bad?” 

He shrugged, and Brandy recalled his comment from the other night. I’m the product of an angel and a demon. “You’re living proof that theory is pure BS.”

The muscles in his cheek tightened, along with the set of his jaw. 

“Blade?” She reached for him, not knowing her intention, simply wanting to reassure him. 

Before her fingers made contact with his arm, he grabbed her wrist. Her heartbeat surged. An eternity passed while his gaze burrowed into hers. Then he brought her hand to his mouth and nipped a Rice Chex clenched in her grip. 


“You’re a good man, Blade.” 

The scowl line on his forehead deepened. She thought he was going to drop her hand and retreat, but he seemed to shake off whatever was bothering him, and suddenly heat simmered in his eyes. She cleared her throat and tried to edge back. 

“We could be headed for dangerous water, Brandy.”

“Are we talking about what I think we’re talking about?”

“I meant what I said. I’m not into serious relationships. You need to know the score before—” 

“What? Before things get out of control and progress to the next level?” 

“Something like that.”

The hair on the back of her neck ruffled. “Always so presumptuous—who said I want to take things to the next level?”

“So you’re not interested?”

“No,” she huffed. Then chanced looking him in the eye. 

It happened so quickly, she felt like she’d been side-swiped by a Humvee. He jerked her tight against his chest, sealing his mouth over hers. For a second, every nerve in her body quivered.

She came to her senses, stiffened, and tried to pull away.

He held her tight. His tongue slipped between her lips, and his body heat burned against her skin. 

She couldn’t resist. She sucked him in, a moan escaping from her throat. 

Before she had a chance to get her bearings and back off, he pulled away, a smile curving his lips. “Presumptuous, maybe. A bastard, definitely. But you just failed the lie detector test. Like hell you’re not interested.”

“Screw you, Beringer.” Catching him off guard, she gave him a forceful shove, and he flipped into the water. When he didn’t surface after a minute, she scurried off the boulder and waded into the water. “Blade?”

She started counting seconds. “Blade, don’t mess around.” 

Something clawed at her toes. Before she could brace herself, the something gripped her ankles. 

Her feet went out from under her, and she smacked the water butt first. 

With a forceful kick, she freed one foot, twisted around and head-butted Blade in the gut. He snickered as he went sprawling. 

Laughing, she sloshed toward shore, but before she made it to land, he caught her and spun her around to face him. And there she was again, in his arms, his chest snug against her drenched T-shirt. She could have freed herself with a well-aimed knee to the groin. But this wasn’t scenario  training, and he wasn’t a perpetrator. And she didn’t really want to get away. Not with his blue eyes darkening, looking at her the way they were.

“For a drowned rat, you sure smell good. What are you wearing? French Potion Number Nine?”

This was her cue to knock it off and wriggle free. “Shampoo.” Eau de drugstore gener-eek. The extent of her collection of seductive fragrances. Then she realized she’d splashed on Tendre Amour that morning, a sample packet of her favorite perfume, which she couldn’t afford to buy. 

“Yeah, you’re right it’s French.” She shrugged and tried again, half-heartedly, to pull free. He refused to loosen his hold. “Tendre Amour,” she said, pouring on the French accent. And, wow, if it had this effect on Blade, maybe she should have splurged and bought a bottle. Every time she went to the mall in Fort Shoshone she picked up at least one free sample. 

His fingers threaded through her wet hair, tugging her closer, twisting a curl around his index finger. He inhaled. 

Her pulse throbbed in her throat. She remembered his lie detector comment. “Is this another test?”

“For me it is.” He sighed and released her, stepping back, his gaze slowly sliding over her, top to bottom. It settled on the soaked image of Jon Bon Jovi’s smiling face.

About the author:

Award winning author, Mal Olson, writes adrenaline kicked romantic suspense. suspense. She enjoys skydiving, ski jumping, SCUBA, hang
gliding, big wave surfing, car racing, mountain climbing—that is, vicariously through her characters, who are always kick-ass, and often boss her around rather than allowing her to spin her stories the way she intends.
(She did, however, personally engage in zip lining this past summer.) Her debut novel Shadow of Deceit , released by The Wild Rose Press in 2012, is an edge of the seat romantic suspense-thriller set in Milwaukee and parts of northern Wisconsin. Shadow of Deceit earned Mal a spot as finalist in WisRWA's 2013 Write Touch Reader's Award contest for published authors.

Too Sexy For His Stetson is another romantic suspense-thriller. This time Olson's bossy characters lead her to the mountains of Northern Idaho, where a deputy sheriff and his female rookie deal with menacing white supremacists, a homicide, a murder cold case, and a threat to a nearby dam—all while trying to keep their hands off each other. Olson also offers two short stories. "Danger Zone", which has spent months in the Kindle top 100 free romantic suspense category, is a guaranteed fifteen minute pulse pounder where two strangers survive a rock 'n roll landing on an icy Milwaukee runway and chase a could-be terrorist into the danger zone. "Me and Brad", a feel good romance, features an irresistible K-9 and was ranked in the Kindle free top 100 list for months in the Contemporary Romance category.

Author stalker links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mal.olson.3
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5754848.Mal_Olson

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Consume Me 
Paige Matthews
     Emma O'Connor's interest in bondage and submission has led her to the training program at Devoured. With past sexual experiences less than par, Emma wants nothing more than to submit to a Master. With her need for pleasure and her desire to please, Emma finds herself exploring the desires that have remained subdued; although unsure if she could make a good submissive.
     Marcus, the Dom in charge of the training program at Devoured, is more than interested in the feisty submissive. When Emma walks in for her interview, Marcus knows he's met his match. Consumed by nothing but thoughts of her, Marcus begins to doubt his ability to stay in control and his previous stance on collaring a submissive. Marcus finds himself unsure of his feelings for Emma, and his responsibility to the other trainees.
     When a threat surfaces against Emma and her past comes back to haunt her, Marcus must admit his feelings for her in order to protect her, or risk losing her forever.
     Join Marcus, Emma, and the rest of the Devoured Club Doms and Subs in the second installment of the Devoured Club Series.

Marcus placed me in the middle of the king sized bed. He moved back and swept his eyes up and down my body. My skin felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending was alert and ready for his touch.  I watched him as he shut his eyes and try to regain control.
“Sir?” I asked with anticipation. I was hoping that he would continue. I was as wet as a cat in the rain but happier than one. I wanted him bad. Part of me knew that I shouldn’t let myself get too close – that had ended badly once before – but there was something about him that drew me right into the line of fire.
“Emma, you don’t know what you do to me.” His voice was rough and his body was stiff. He got off the bed and walked over to the armoire on the other side of the room. When he turned around, I saw that he had a blindfold with him.
My pussy clenched in excitement. I enjoy being blindfolded, and the idea of my other senses being heightened made my orgasms that much stronger, well, at least the couple of times that I had agreed to it. I watched as Marcus walked back over to the side of the bed.
“I’m going to blindfold you, okay?”
“Yes, sir.” I nodded and sat up so that he could easily secure it around my eyes.
His hands brushed my hair out of my face and tied the material tightly so that it would not fall down. His fingers lightly grazed down the sides of my neck and over my shoulders before caressing the base of my neck and the tops of my breasts. A shiver ran through me under his light and seductive touch. It was enough to tease my skin but not hard enough to fully acknowledge the motion.
          “You are so beautiful.”

Purchase Links:
Kindle US: http://amzn.to/14RkNcB
Kindle UK: http://amzn.to/18wb20Y
Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/1acCCqS
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/15rs857


Prize 1: Signed paperback of Devour Me, Consume Me, 16 oz Tumbler, book mark and $20 Amazon Gift Card
Prize 2: E-book of Devour Me and Consume Me, 16 oz Tumbler, bookmark and $10 Amazon Gift Card

Prize 3: One of 5 additional E-books of Consume Me


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