Thursday, January 23, 2014


Choose one, two, or all three!

            Clay and Emma Thorpe have endured every fertility treatment known to medical science. Married a decade, all the time and money and effort gone toward having a child of their own has been futile.  Her biological clock ticking so loudly she can hear none of Clay’s pleas to stay and try again, Emma leaves him thinking she’ll attempt a one night stand or two with an anonymous male who might be able to father a child.
            Clay tries everything he can think of to get Emma to come back home where she belongs. Finally, after months of endeavoring to convince her and with a lot of empty time to think about it, he comes up with a plan. The first step is to go into her antiques store and buy the biggest, most expensive old diamond ring she has in stock.
            Shocked out of her self-centeredness by the evidence that her husband might have found someone else in her absence, Emma decides to go back home. Clay has promised that they’ll try again for a baby, and he’s promised to make it fun.
            An incubator, a turkey baster, and a schedule of three lovemaking sessions a day comprise Clay’s fertility treatment plans.
            But Emma only gets Clay’s attentions every other day. And when she finds a newspaper ad for a property they can’t afford carelessly tossed on the breakfast table, added to the purchase of the expensive diamond ring Clay steadfastly refuses to explain, and his apparent saving of his sexual energies on a rigid every-other-day-only schedule, she begins to seriously wonder exactly what it is that the husband she thought she knew so well has planned.

Sheriff Dalton stared at his ex-wife as he tried to recover from the churn of feelings engendered just by seeing her again. He let his law enforcement training take over automatically when he was under stress, and he was almost sure nothing on his face betrayed the fact that he wasn’t handling this encounter very well.
Noah had heard Perri was back in town. Most weekdays one or another of his deputies had some news to report about her run-ins with Benjamin Collins and his ragtag group of protesters. The Powell County Sheriff’s Office was a regular beehive of information anyway, sometimes useful and sometimes just plain gossip. He’d tried to keep the lid on the gossip part of Perri’s homecoming since it couldn’t help but include his name. But despite his efforts at damage control, the speculation had started up again, the questions about why she had left him in the first place. As far as he knew, she had never breathed a word about the reason he’d given her for running off.
He still wondered why she had never told.
She could have hurt him badly, ground his reputation into the dirt. She could...but he was pretty sure by now she wouldn’t. He still wasn’t exactly certain what she’d said in divorce court. Since it was uncontested his presence wasn’t required, and after seeing her at the top of the stairs so obstinately determined to go through with it he’d turned on his heel and left the building. But he was absolutely positive she’d kept silent about his failures during those few months before she finally gave up and left him. Because not one word of it had ever got back to him.
She had been as fragile as a china doll. So frail and delicate he’d been unable to continue treating her as a woman, his wife. All he could see was her delicate bones under her skin, and he couldn’t bring himself to subject her to the rigors of lovemaking. But Perri had negated his misguided pity by one simple act: She divorced him. 

Playing at love...
That’s what it feels like to Chancie de Leur and Micah Taylor as they hold each other off, waiting to see if what sparks between them when they first meet is real and lasting, or merely scorching infatuation.
Chancie: A woman with money, long gold curls, and touch-me clothes. Headstrong. Willful. A Western woman tempered to steel by past heartbreak. But a woman with a hidden sensitive side, just waiting for the right man to discover it. A woman who thinks she knows what she wants. One look, and what she wants is Micah Taylor.
Micah: Long, lean Wyoming lawman. Complex. Thoughtful. Tough. Burned by love, he battles Chancie’s allure. A woman like her could never be content with what a cop could afford to give her. All he has to do is look at her and his synapses start firing. Touch her, and he discovers her secret volcanic needs. He thinks he knows the price of playing with Chancie’s fire, and also thinks he’s willing to pay it. He has to have her.
Will the heat kindled between these two warm them—or burn them to cinders? Can Chancie and Micah make it work? Is there a possibility of a happy ending for them in this old-fashioned romantic tale laced with contemporary sizzle?
Only one thing stands in the way of finding out: Jamie, Chancie’s ten-year-old terror of a kid! 

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