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Today Rich Brawer's characters from his novel Love's Sweet Sorrow take over Some Like It Hotter.

An interview with Ariel Hammond

Congressman Forrest: Thank you for coming Miss Hammond. For the record, this interview is with Ariel Hammond before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Arms Smuggling.

Congressman: You are a Quaker, is that correct?

Ariel: Our religion is called the Society of Friends.

Congressman: Would you prefer to be referred to as a Quaker or a Friend.

Ariel: Quaker will be fine.

Congressman: I’d like to start from the beginning. When did you meet Jason Sorren?

Ariel: At a seminar for attorneys.

Congressman: Did he tell you he worked for Rathborn United Industries?

Ariel: Yes.

Congressman: When Mr. Sorren introduced himself as working for a weapons manufacturer, you being a Quaker didn’t that upset you?

Ariel: I do not judge people that way.

Congressman: Of course, but I find it unusual that you, as a pacifist, would become involved with someone in the armaments business. Why is that?”

Ariel: That’s personal and I’d rather not answer it.

Congressman: I wish you would. It will help us determining Mr. Sorren’s involvement if any in the arms smuggling.

Ariel hesitated.

Congressman: I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I don’t mean these questions to be intrusive.

Ariel, a blush on her cheeks: He seemed nice.

Congressman: By nice you mean charming?

Ariel: I mean he was a gentleman. There is nothing more I can tell you about Mr. Sorren. (In Ariel’s thoughts: When he held my hand, when we danced, even when he drew me to him, there was tenderness in his touch unlike any other man I had dated. I liked it.)

Congressman: I’m trying to get a feel of Mr. Sorren as a person.

Ariel: If you are trying to impeach his character, I cannot help you. All I can tell you is he is an honest man.

Congressman: Of course. Did Mr. Sorren tell you his uncle was the head of an organized crime family?

Ariel: Not right away.

Congressman: When did he tell you?

Ariel: When we were locked in the basement of that associate of his uncle.

Congressman: And during your escape you killed that man?

Ariel, tears in her eyes: Yes.

Congressman: I’m sorry. You’ve been through a harrowing ordeal. Only a few more questions. It was in that basement that you realized you were a prisoner of an organized crime figure who was involved in arms smuggling?

Ariel: Yes, Jason told me.

Congressman: And he told you about the note?

Ariel: Yes.

Congressman: Did you see it?

Ariel: No, the man took it from Jason.

Congressman: After that traumatic escape from the basement prison Mr. Sorren took you to your parents’ house?

Ariel: Yes.

Congressman: Why did you leave with him and not stay with your parents?

Ariel, tears flowing freely: I had to.

Congressman: Why?

Ariel: May we take a break?

Congressman: Certainly. Would you like a glass of water?

Ariel: Yes, please.

Love’s Sweet Sorrow book jacket:

Love and faith are tested as Jason and Ariel are caught in a battle to expose smugglers selling weapons to terrorists.

It is said opposites attract. There can’t be two people more opposite than Ariel and Jason.
Ariel is a traditional Quaker with an absolute aversion to war. Jason is head of the legal department of America's largest weapons manufacturer.

Their budding romance is thrown into turmoil when Jason uncovers evidence linking his employer to international arms deals that could devastate America. His determination to stop the treason puts Ariel in the middle of dangerous territory.

The kidnappings, killings and harrowing escapes from those trying to retrieve the evidence force Jason and Ariel to delve deeply into their often opposing long-held convictions, and question if they are truly meant to be together.

An early reviewer said: “I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see if they were able to resolve their differences or if they would split up. An enjoyable read from beginning to end.” GBP An avid reader

Love’s Sweet Sorrow is published by Vinspire Publishing, (www.vinspirepublishing.com)
It will be available September 2014 in trade paperback and e-book wherever books are sold. The ISBN is: 978-0-9890632-7-2.

However, you can pre-order from Vinspire Publishing by sending an e-mail to: vinspirepublishingeic@gmail.com

Richard Brawer writes mystery, suspense and historical fiction novels. When not writing, he spends his time sailing and exploring local history.  He has two married daughters and lives in New Jersey with his wife. Read more about Love’s Sweet Sorrow and all Richard’s books at his website: www.silklegacy.com

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