Friday, August 22, 2014


#TrustMeTrilogy #JustFriends by #KEOsbornAuthor Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy (Ranging from 99cents to $2.99) Jeni Taylor has major trust issues, which stem from an abusive ex partner and an absentee father. She believes if you don't date then you can't get hurt. Simple as that. That's until she runs into Aiden O'Connell. A wealthy, intriguing, sexy as hell and totally swoon worthy businessman. Will Jeni, be able to move her trust issues aside when Aiden, her new love, is charged with embezzling from his father's company? Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy (book #1) Love Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy (book #2) All of Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy (book #3) Complete Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy (book #3.5) Australian born Katerina Barrett, decides to follow her dreams and move to the United States of America to attend AMDA College in Los Angeles, to further her music and acting career. A cocky, self absorbed and arrogant Will Sanders, catches her attention. Through a turn of fortunate events they are both chosen to play the lead roles in an up and coming new indie movie. Their relationship blossoms as does their fame, turning their world upside down and leaving them asking, are we ‘just friends’? Just Friends? by K E Osborn ($1.99) Please note: these books are for mature audiences 18+. They contain explicit language and sexual content.

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