Thursday, October 16, 2014

GETTING IT RIGHT pre-release

Pre-release book blast 
for sensual contemporary Western romance 
Getting It Right
Christi Williams

Last of a long line of agrarian witches, Selene Pertunda thinks she will never meet the right man...until with the help of a little magic, she finds Beck McNeal.

Named for the Goddess of Desire, can she dream of lasting happiness with only one man?
   Selene Pertunda has no trouble attracting a man. She just can’t seem to find the right one. From abusive husband Robert to tattooed bad boy lover Kevin, Selene draws men to her like bears to her honeypot. The problem is that none of them proves to be a good fit.
   Sure she will never find a shared happiness, Selene has no way to suspect she’s drawn the attention of a powerful goddess. So she scoffs at the idea that the handsome man who begins to  play a large part in her life could be her destiny.  After all, what could worldly, educated Beck McNeal want with a small-town girl like Selene?
   Selene and Beck try to their best to resist the inexplicable mutual magnetism flaring between them. But can two ordinary people avoid the decree of the Goddess of Desire?

Getting It Right is the first novel-length work in the Wyoming Series of contemporary romances by Christi Williams.

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Other books by Christi Williams:
   "To the One I Never Forgot" is a short story that launched the Wyoming Series. Gianna and Zack were too young for love when they were separated. Now, all grown up, can Gianna be reunited with the one she never forgot?
   Christi Williams is also the author of two novels and a novella in the Hawk Point Romances series. Take a Chance on Love is the story of the chance encounter of widow Chancie de Leur and hot Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper Micah Taylor. Perilous Promises is Perris and Noah Dalton's story of recovery from breast cancer and the effort to revive their formerly wonderful marriage. The novella Clay's Quest is the tale of a hot Wyoming cop who comes up with a wacky plan to save his marriage when he just won't accept that his beautiful wife wants to find someone else to father her baby.

Christi writes sensual, entertaining love stories of unforgettable modern Western men and women. Readers say...Sensual: "Taken a touchy subject and made it heartfelt and humorous, but she's made it H.O.T.!!" Humorous: "Cracked me up!" Love: "To be loved like that!" Stories: "Character driven fiction."

 Links to Take a Chance on Love:

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Links to Clay's Quest:

Link to “To the One I Never Forgot”:

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Getting It Right
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Mary Preston said...

This sounds amazing & I love the cover.

Debby said...

It does sound like a great book, but I need to check out book one first. Thanks so much.