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Introducing The Lust List

What happens when you combine two authors, one universe, and an endless
supply of sexy, powerful men? You get NoMi Press’s The Lust List, of

Nova Raines and Mira Bailee are weaving scandals into tales of love, lust, and high profile luxury in their multi-series contemporary romance novels.
Author Bios

Nova Raines chased fame in her teen years as a member of an upcoming girl group in Los Angeles (which shall never be named.) She decided “pop tartlet” wasn’t her ideal career choice, so she became an author instead. But a naughty fascination with fame and showbiz remains, and The Lust List book series is the perfect way for her to explore it.

Mira Bailee, a beer-brewing librarian, has been writing leisurely, scholarly, and
professionally for the past twenty years. First Taste is her kickoff as an independently published author.
While she’s always maintained a high standard of chaos in her daily routine, The Lust List allows her to pass on some of her hectic lifestyle to her characters. Her storytelling balances humor and pleasure with sincerity and conflict, providing a wild ride of human emotions.
In the past she studied filmmaking and screenwriting and determines what goes on behind the scenes is just as tantalizing as what’s seen in front of the camera. This revelation is the basis for her inspiration for The Lust List.


ScandalLust Magazine’s “The Lust List” may feature the sexiest, wealthiest, and most unobtainable bachelors, but their personal lives tell a much juicier story.

The NoMi Press duo, Nova Raines and Mira Bailee, have carefully molded a shared universe of high-profile, gorgeous men who will stop at nothing for the women they love.
Nova Raines will debut “One Condition”—the first in her “The Lust List: Kaidan Stone” series, and Mira Bailee will debut “First Taste”—the first in her “The Lust List: Devon Stone” series. Both books are currently available for preorder on Amazon.com, and both are set to be released November 18, 2014.

Nova Raines chased fame in her teen years as a member of an upcoming girl group in Los Angeles (which shall never be named.) She decided “pop tartlet” wasn’t her ideal career choice, so she became an author instead. But a naughty fascination with fame and showbiz remains, and The Lust List book series is the perfect way for her to explore it.

Mira Bailee, a beer-brewing librarian, has been writing continuously for the majority of her life. “First Taste” is her kickoff as an independently-published author. While she’s always held a high standard of chaos in her daily routine, The Lust List allows her to pass on some of her hectic lifestyle to her characters. Her storytelling balances humor and pleasure with sincerity and conflict, providing wild ride of human emotions.

“ScandalLust Magazine” and their annually updated “The Lust List” are a fictional
tabloid guilty pleasure that links all the series written within it. “The Lust List: Kaidan Stone” and “The Lust List: Devon Stone” have an additional parallel connection: Kaidan and Devon—though dysfunctional and distant—are brothers both in line to take over their father’s legacy, Stone Records.

In “One Condition”, Kaidan Stone finds himself entranced by Hayley Wade, heiress to a vast fortune. But Hayley’s rockstar dad owed money to dangerous criminals, and they expect to be paid in full. She can pay them back—if she fulfills one condition. She’ll get her inheritance once she gets back a ring her father lost to a gold digger. When it turns out the ring is in the Stone mansion, Hayley must decide whether stealing it is worth destroying the magnetic chemistry between her and Kaidan forever.

In “First Taste”, Devon Stone is caught off guard by shy, awkward Olivia Margot, who shows up at the Stone mansion to meet with the family’s events coordinator for a job interview. She makes a fool of herself, but Devon finds her more endearing than embarrassing. While Olivia knows from the start Devon is trouble, she can’t help but be drawn in to his extravagant lifestyle and mesmerizing grin.

The future of NoMi Press promises a whirlwind of romance and danger, risks and
rewards. For more information, including media appearances, interviews, and other literary events, contact nomi@romancebynomi.com

Author Interview

1) When did you write your first book, and what inspired you to do so?
MIRA: Technically, in 4th grade when my best friend and I competed to see who could tell a story with the higher word count. But my first, complete book written postchildhood was in November 2010, titled The Year We Lived (unpublished). I wanted to prove to myself that I could write through any level of chaos, and in that month, of that year, I juggled writing with a toddler, a nursing 4-month-old, and a full load of undergrad courses. Also, I apologize for using “full load” in the same sentence that mentions two diaper-wearing children [cringes].
NOVA: I wrote my first book during a writing challenge, and boy was it terrible. But after that, I caught the fiction fever, and I just couldn’t stop writing. My first book was inspired by a snippet of a scene I saw in my head. I felt what my characters felt in their world, I wanted what they wanted. And I knew I had to write their story.

2) What do you find most challenging about writing?
NOVA: Coffee. I can’t without write coffee. Did I…Did I mention I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning?
MIRA: For me, it’s getting all my thoughts down fast enough. I can think through a great, witty scene, but no matter how fast I type, I’ll inevitably forget some of the best details until later revisions. I need a mind reading dictation device. Does that exist yet?

3) Describe your writing process.
MIRA: When I have an idea, I write down everything I can about it--forming the story in a series of fragments and lists. It’s quick, dirty, and exciting--you know, like some of the scenes in our novels [wink]. That’s about it for prewriting, though. I transfer the outline over into Scrivener notes, and start writing from page one, onward.
NOVA: I get a glimmer of an idea and jot down everything I can about it. If I think it’ll make a great story, I start to expand on it, and I outline. I’m a plotter, not a pantser.
(Pants off, please!)

4) Name one book you wish you could have written.
NOVA: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park. That book is fun, clever, geeky (like me), and Jessica really made me care about the characters. It’s my current fave romance book.
MIRA: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, followed by all the rest of the Sookie
Stackhouse novels. They aren’t perfect, but no other series has kept my attention through that many books. They suck you in (vampire pun, har har), and I couldn’t get enough.

5) What do you have in common with your current lead female? How are you
MIRA: Olivia Margot and I are both irrationally anxious people. We get on our own nerves because of it but aren’t sure how to fix it. However, she’s terrified of risks, and I’m all for jumping in to something new and exciting.
NOVA: Hayley gets a thrill when she’s in the limelight, yet she really doesn’t want to be there all the time, with all the pressure and paparazzi. That’s how I felt about the music industry. But Hayley’s always had wealth and fame, and I haven’t. Pretty big difference!

6) In a Hollywood adaptation of The Lust List, cast your main characters.
MIRA: Ooooooh. Devon’s a troublemaker. He’s a bit of a brooder and has a killer smirk. Ian Somerhalder would be a perfect fit. For Olivia, she’s cute, a little clumsy, and constantly convincing herself to hold her head high and at least look like she can handle stressful moments. I think a dark-haired Emma Roberts would do the trick.
NOVA: If Devon’s Ian, I’m casting Paul Wesley as Kaidan. Kaidan’s a hot guy that turns heads. But who he’s trying to be maybe isn’t who he really is. So the person I’d cast needs to be able to show that inner conflict, and Paul has sure done that well on Vampire Diaries (Team Stefan, y’all!) Hayley looks like the daughter of a rock star. She’s pretty and petite, but also has an intensity to her. I’d cast Hayden Panettiere as Hayley, because I loved Hayden’s conflicted character on Heroes.

7) Forget about writing. Pretend you hate it. What would your dream job be
NOVA: A famous singer, of course. And maybe in some parallel universe, I did decide to keep working on my music career. It’s intriguing to think about what might have been.
MIRA: I actually have several fallback dream jobs. I want to be the person who chose all the kickass music for Weeds. Yes, that involves a time machine. Also, a set designer for the rides at Disney World, a ‘taste tester’ for any show on The Food Network, or an actress on some long-lasting, guilty pleasure TV drama (I miss you Dawson’s Creek).

8) What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve ever done?
NOVA: Oh, I really can’t reveal that. I will however say this: at some point in the future, one of my female leads in The Lust List books might just act out my most scandalous moment. Gotta keep ya guessing, right?
MIRA: One time, I worked for a magazine that wanted me to write a column on all the things women do wrong in relationships. To make the stakes even higher, I dated a guy, just to drive him away and prove my point. How could I have expected us to fall for each other--Oh wait, that’s the plot to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days…

9) If a superhero were featured on The Lust List, who would it be and what story would you create for them?
MIRA: I’m big on cocky troublemakers, so let’s go with Iron Man and pretend he’s single. One night, he passes out drunk at the doorstep of a cute, little townhouse. When the owner, a recent college grad and avid gardener, goes out to take care of her plants, she trips over the hungover blob and decides to wake him up by spraying him with the garden hose. When he gets up, she recognizes him as the man who saved her brother from some hostage situation. Add some witty banter, casual flirtation, and fancy technology, and you’ve got The Lust List: Tony Stark. [Disclaimer: My apologies to comic book fans.]
NOVA: Darn. Mira already picked Tony Stark (who happens to be based on Elon Musk,who is about the most fascinating celebrity billionaire on the planet). So…I pick David Bowie as Jareth from The Labyrinth. He’s a superhero, right? He has it all: his own kingdom (albeit full of goblins), the ability to time travel, shapeshift, sing, and throws some amazing balls. Okay, maybe he’s a supervillian, but he gains points back for his wardrobe. Have you seen those tight pants of his? (Pants off, please! Lust List rules.) I really don’t know how those pants made it into a kid movie, do you?
MIRA: Is this where we should confess this has been a ‘pants off’ interview? Or is that not what Nova’s been hinting at…

10) Tell me about an upcoming Lust List man that’ll get his own series.
MIRA: Not Tony Stark. I do have an idea for a scandalous young man who ends up behind bars. His attorney won’t take any of his crap and doesn’t care that he’s famous. She’s just doing her job, but then…
This guy doesn’t have a name yet. Maybe my readers will help me with that.
NOVA: Hayley’s twin brother. He’s an aspiring music producer who wants nothing do with his sister or his rock star dad’s fame and fortune. He wants to make it on his own…but ScandalLust mag isn’t about to forget who he is!

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