Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Kiss My Crown

This book! OMG, this book I want every one of friends to read so we can have inside jokes about all the hilarious escapades in this book.
Kiss My Crown by Alexis Noelle has to be the funniest read I have had ALL year! – 2 One Click Chicks

What happens when a Princess, a Fairy, and an Evil Queen walk into Dreamland? You have this fucking hilarious book with three best friends that bring faking it to a whole new level. – Two Book Pushers

My name is Kate and I’m a princess.

I had it all. Every little girl’s dream: Working as a princess in a theme park five days a week. Prince Charming and I really hit it off, until he hit every other princess in the park.

After beating him with his own sword I decided it was time to find a normal guy. I met one- or at least I thought I did.

Now the princesses are snubbing me and the princes won’t even look at me. Worse, I’m about to be demoted to a fairy, which is like being sent to the seventh level of hell.

What do you do when the fairy tale ends?

When happily ever after sucks ass?


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