Winner, April 28:

Shirley. Congratulations!

Winner, May 5:

Nathalie. Congratulations!

Winner, May 12:

Emily. Congratulations!

Winner, May 19:
Robynn. Congratulations!

Winner, May 26:
Steven. Congratulations!

Manda's Love Bear won from Facebook comments
Virginia's Love Bear from my interview on Jamallah Bergman's blog

Nathalie's Love Bear
Shirley's Love Bear

Emily's Love Bear

Ana's Love Bear won from Facebook comments
Heather's Love Bear  guarding her books. Won from
Jennifer Labelle's blog,

Winners for April 28:
Rachel. Congratulations!
Stephanie. Congratulations!
Zuleima. Congratulations!

Winners for May 5:
Jean. Congratulations!
Angela. Congratulations!
Linda. Congratulations!

Winners for May 12:
Jessica. Congratulations!
Rina. Congratulations!
Kathleen. Congratulations!

Winners for May 18:
Emily. Congratulations!
Ali. Congratulations!
Kriss. Congratulations!

Winners for May 26:
Katelynn. Congratulations!
Taylor. Congratulations!
Ana. Congratulations!

Winners from the MFRW May Day Book Party, May 1, 2014
Kathy Heare Watts!
Look at what the mailman brought me today! From Christi Williams, the beautiful and so plush bears! The cream color is for her book, Take a Chance On Love and the blue color for Perilous Promises. She also sent me a charm for Take a Chance On Love. Then from Books by Sarah Robinson, a bracelet that reads, "I've been Tainted by Sarah Robinson." and a bookmark.
I'll link to them in comment section! I promised Christi the bears would join those in my Patriotic bedroom!
Aren't they the sweetest?

 Joining the Red White and Blue bears, but got center honor! 

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