Reviews and Ratings for Take a Chance on Love

"I really enjoyed the story that this book told. The struggles Chancie and Micah overcome is a testament to true love at first sight."
     June 12, 2013 Four stars from Julie on Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Review), Goodreads

"I wouldn't pass up the chance to have a Micah of my own...I recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet read with little angst."
     June 12, 2013 Four stars from Tala (Where Ever the Next Book Takes Me) on Amazon

"A true love story."    

     June 13, 2013 Four stars on Darker Passions 

“I found it to be an easy and delightful read. I hope Christi Williams writes more books like these.”
     Five stars from reader Kay Draycott on Amazon

"Christi has her own graceful voice and I think it's fair to put her up on those bookshelves next to Fern Michaels, Nora Roberts, and even Nicolas Sparks. If you like them then I have no doubt that you'll enjoy Take a Chance on Love!"
     June 15, 2013 Five stars from Brenda at Naughty Bits Book Reviews on Goodreads

"I was really rooting for Chancie and Micah. They both came from broken marriages, so I felt like they deserved to be in a happy relationship for once.  But couldn't be that simple now, could it?"

     June 15, 2013 Four stars from HEA Book Shelf: Books with Happily Ever Afters

Take a Chance on Love by Christi Williams is a vividly, detailed love story that has the reader spellbound through each twist and turn hoping that love is capable of overcoming all obstacles. It seems that everyone these days brings so much emotional baggage with them into each relationship. Take a Chance on Love addresses these real life issues and gives the readers hope that things can and will work out. It illustrates the power of love as strong and enduring.”
     Kathleen Ball, author of the best-selling Lasso Springs series of contemporary Western romances, including Callie's Heart and Lone Star Joy

"I loved this story from the very beginning. I loved that Chancie and Micah are ordinary people with ordinary jobs. We should all be so lucky to find our very own Micah!" 

     June 26, 2013 by Lee Anne on My Secret Romance

"'Take a Chance on Love' is a sweet romance about getting a second chance at love and learning to trust your heart again. This was Christi Williams' first novel and a great start to her career."

     June 30, 2013 3.5 stars from Island Lovelies Book Club

"Take A Chance On Love By Christi Williams writes in a way that makes the pages fly by. This book has all the elements that makes for a good story with sex, romance, and difficult decisions."

      June 30, 2013 Five stars from reader geh55 on Amazon 

"I love how patient Micah is with Jamie.  Especially when a few times I wanted to reach through the pages and paddle Jamie myself.  It's a great story and easy read, so get a copy and enjoy."

     July 9, 2013 Five stars from Theresa F on Julie's Book Review

“Take a Chance on Love is an emotional contemporary romance, high on sexual tension, and wrapped up in family issues, secrets and trust. When a strong heroine and a sexy Wyoming state trooper tangle, sex is the only thing on their minds, and love is definitely out of the question. Or is it? Christi Williams weaves a story that leaves the reader with a sigh of satisfaction.”  
     Maddie James, best-selling author of Broken and Rawhide and Roses

"I just loved this book. It was full of people wanting to do the right thing, but not quite sure what the right thing was…."

     July 11, 2013 Five stars by nlohoft on Amazon  and at Joe Cool Review

"To me, if you are looking for a gentle romance, this is the book for you." 
     July 12, 2013 Crystal's Many Reviewers

"I started to read it last night .. it was just a chapter and i will go to sleep .. yeah that wasn't gong to happen i got caught up."
      July 31, 2013 Four stars from Angela on

"Attraction soon happens between the two which is against all rules."
     August 5, 2013 Four stars from Lorie Glowania on Amazon and Goodreads

"Author Christi Williams knows her characters and paints them true to life. Her writing style is smooth and natural, she pulls strings on all the right emotions."
     September 1, 2013 Four stars from Andrelle A. Hummel on Amazon and Goodreads

" It's a wonderful story of the resilience of the human spirit and the ultimate power of love."
     September 4, 2013 Four stars from Kristine A. Phillips on Amazon and Goodreads

"Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. Christi character's are interesting, fun and easy to connect with. Her writing style is tight and keeps the flow going."
     September 20, 2013 Three stars from R.L. Carver on Amazon

"Christi Williams did an Excellent job in portraying the pitfalls a single mother faces, and that the possible future step-dad faces as well. This was the first book of Christi Williams I've read and will definitely be looking for other books by her as well."
     October 7, 2013 Four stars from ssmommie75 on Amazon

"I thought this book was well written and enjoyable...I would not hesitate to read another book by this author."
     September 27, 2013 Three stars from nanirose on Amazon

" hero who is willing to work through many obstacles for the woman who becomes important to him." 
     January 2014, 3.25 stars from ELF on Night Owl Reviews

I didn’t connect as much with this one as with the other, but nevertheless both are intriguing reads that gave me a fresh appreciation for slower, more realistic novels.
    December 17, 2013 Three stars from Miss Construed's Reviews

"This was wonderfully written! I could feel Chancie's turmoil like it was my own. And the love scenes were extremely hot! Can't wait to read more from Christi Williams."
    April 5, 2016 Four stars from Indie Book of The Week at Another Realm

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