Reviews and Ratings for Getting It Right

"I like the way she writes, the way she brings history into her novels and all the research she does that goes "above and beyond" in her novels." 
--geh on Amazon

"Wow! I love Beck, he's sexy, smart, and the man sure can cook a mean steak! and he's sexy..."
--Nanee McGee on Goodreads

"I enjoyed Selene's journey with the guys who just weren't right. Then she meets Beck. I loved him, he's such a sexy, great guy..."
--Elodie Parkes on Goodreads; willowtree on Amazon

"A lovely story. It was a fun, sexy story. Selene's journey to find the right guy, is full of bumps, always seeming to find the crappy guys. It was tough for her to let herself trust Beck. It was a learning journey for both of them, each having issues. I enjoyed the great supporting characters, they added to this story." 
--JeanMP on NetGalley

"The paranormal twist worked out great, and the plot was enjoyable."
--Majanka Verstraete for InD'tale Magazine

"The sizzle between Selene and Beck was there from the first awkward moment and just kept building."
--Marsha Spohn for Keeper Bookshelf

"I did enjoy the story and the different nature the Goddess added to it."
--Kim on Goodreads

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